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Adam | Dream Healer
02-Aug-06: biography, memoir, occult

Xinran | Miss Chopsticks
13-Jun-07: fiction

Jeff Abbott | Fear
30-Jan-07: fiction, thriller

Jeff Abbott | Panic
30-Jan-07: fiction, thriller

Fran Abrams | Freedom's Cause
27-Sep-04: history

Simon Acland | The Waste Land
10-Jun-10: fiction

Poppy Adams | The Behaviour of Moths
29-Mar-08: fiction

Jad Adams | Hideous Absinthe
09-Mar-08: art, food and drink, history

Lorraine Adams | Harbor
04-Dec-06: fiction

Chimamanda Adichie | Half of a Yellow Sun
26-Mar-07: fiction

Kate Adie | Corsets to Camouflage
12-Sep-04: history, society

Ed Mayo & Agnes Nairn | Consumer Kids
26-Nov-08: family and lifestyle

Cecelia Ahern | PS, I Love You
03-Sep-04: fiction

Abigail Ahern | A Girl's Guide to Decorating
30-Jun-09: home and garden

Cecelia Ahern | If You Could See Me Now
24-Nov-05: fiction

Tom Aikens | Tom Aikens Cooking
09-Aug-06: food and drink

Mitch Albom | Tuesdays with Morrie
01-Dec-06: biography, memoir

Mitch Albom | The Five People You Meet in Heaven
31-Aug-04: fiction

Mitch Albom | For One More Day
29-Nov-06: fiction

Ken Alder | The Measure of All Things
26-Oct-04: history, science

Brian Aldiss | Supertoys Last All Summer Long
30-Dec-04: science fiction

Brian Aldiss | Greybeard
18-Jan-05: fiction, science fiction

Brian Aldiss | The Helliconia Trilogy
05-Jan-05: science fiction

Brian Aldiss | The Twinkling of an Eye
14-Jan-05: biography

Brian Aldiss | Trillion Year Spree
05-Jan-05: science fiction

Brian Aldiss | Super-state
05-Jan-05: science fiction

Brian Aldiss | Non-Stop
10-Jan-05: science fiction

Brian Aldiss | Affairs at Hampden Ferrers
02-Jan-05: fiction

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown | Who Do We Think We Are?
27-Sep-04: society

Candace Allen | Valaida
10-Sep-04: fiction

Lynette Allen | Behind with the Laundry and Living off Chocolate
12-Dec-05: family and lifestyle

David Almond | Clay
29-May-06: children's, fiction

Anita Amirrezvani | The Blood of Flowers
10-May-07: fiction

Martin Amis | Yellow Dog
18-Nov-04: fiction

Anjum Anand | Anjum's New Indian
13-Aug-08: food and drink

Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris | Bollocks to Alton Towers
18-Mar-06: humour, travel

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan | The Richard and Judy Wine Guide
24-Oct-05: food and drink

Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders | Goodbye, Jimmy Choo
26-Jul-05: fiction

Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders | Warnings of Gales
24-Jul-05: fiction

Jon Lee Anderson | The Fall of Baghdad
17-Feb-05: history, politics, society

Daphne Metland/ Anne McGrail | Expecting
19-Oct-04: reference

Jeffrey Archer | Prison Diary 3
29-Mar-06: biography, politics, society

Jeffrey Archer | False Impression
22-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffrey Archer | Prison Diary 1
29-Mar-06: biography, politics, society

Jeffrey Archer | Prison Diary 2
29-Mar-06: biography, politics, society

Jeffrey Archer | Not a Penny More Not a Penny less
22-Nov-06: fiction

Jeffrey Archer | Kane and Abel
10-Apr-06: fiction

Brett Arends | Spread Betting : The Football Fan's Guide to Spread Betting
29-Aug-05: sport

Lindsay Ashford | Frozen
09-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Lindsay Ashford | Strange Blood
27-Jul-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Judy Astley | Size Matters
07-Apr-05: fiction

Judy Astley | All Inclusive
31-Mar-05: fiction

Diana Athill | Life Class
28-Jun-09: biography

Peter Atkins | The Periodic Kingdom
08-Apr-08: science

Peter Atkins | Atkins' Physical Chemistry
06-Apr-08: science, text book

Peter Atkins | Four Laws That Drive the Universe
22-Mar-08: science

Peter Atkins | On Being
13-Feb-11: science

Peter Atkins | Atkins' Physical Chemistry
17-Nov-09: science, text book

Peter Atkins | Galileo's Finger
07-Sep-04: science

Kate Atkinson | Case Histories
19-Jun-05: crime, fiction

Kate Atkinson | One Good Turn
17-Mar-07: fiction

Kate Atkinson | Behind the Scenes at the Museum
26-Jun-05: fiction

Alan Ayckbourn | The Crafty Art of Playmaking
22-Nov-04: reference, society

Christine Aziz | The Olive Readers
06-Oct-05: fiction

Julian Baggini | Atheism
23-Sep-04: philosophy

Tilly Bagshawe | Adored
24-Aug-05: fiction

Rita Bailey | Destination Profit
27-Mar-06: business

Jane Bailey | Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven
19-Feb-05: fiction

Beryl Bainbridge | According to Queeney
23-Nov-04: fiction

Joan Bakewell | The Centre of the Bed
29-Nov-04: biography

David Baldacci | Simple Genius
09-Jul-07: fiction, thriller

Peter Baldwin | The Narcissism of Minor Differences
20-Nov-09: society

Iain M. Banks | The Algebraist
01-Dec-06: fiction, science fiction

Iain M. Banks | Matter
27-Feb-08: science fiction

Iain Banks | The Steep Approach to Garbadale
30-Nov-06: fiction

Alex Barclay | Darkhouse
22-Jul-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Juliet Barker | Agincourt
22-Sep-05: history

Juliet Barker | Wordsworth
24-Sep-05: biography, poetry

Juliet Barker | The Brontes
22-Sep-05: biography, history, literature

Zoe Barnes | Be My Baby
09-May-06: fiction, romance

Adam Baron | It Was You
21-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Adam Baron | Shut Eye
28-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Neil Barrett | Traces of Guilt
21-Sep-04: crime

Lynne Barrett-Lee | One Day, Someday
28-Dec-05: fiction, romance

John Barrowman | Anything Goes
13-Feb-08: biography

Jonathan Bate | The RSC Shakespeare Plays
10-Apr-10: Drama

Jonathan Bate | English Literarture : A Very Short Introduction
19-Apr-10: literature

Jonathan Bate | John Clare
21-Oct-04: biography

Jonathan Bate | William Shakespeare Complete Works
13-Dec-06: education, literature

Susannah Bates | All About Laura
11-Jan-05: fiction, romance

Nick Bates | With a Pinch of Salt
16-Jan-06: history, humour, travel

John Batt | Stolen Innocence
08-Aug-05: biography, family and lifestyle, politics, society

Robert Bauval | Talisman
04-Sep-04: history, philosophy

Peter Bazalgette | Billion Dollar Game
23-Apr-05: biography, business

Ishmael Beah | A Long Way Gone
29-Jan-08: memoir

Sally Beauman | The Landscape of Love
08-Oct-04: fiction

Sally Beauman | Rebecca's Tale
13-Oct-04: fiction

Frank Beddor | Seeing Redd : The Looking Glass Wars
08-Oct-07: children's

Antony Beevor | The Fall of Berlin 1945
22-Nov-04: history

Martin Bell | Through Gates of Fire
10-Sep-04: memoir, philosophy, politics

Julia Bell | Dirty Work
21-Jan-07: children's

David Bellamy | Jolly Green Giant
23-Sep-04: memoir

J.C. Bemis | The Mystifying Medicine Show
25-Apr-09: children's

Daniel Ben-Ami | Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress
06-Jun-10: economics, politics, society

Pascale Smets & Benedicte Newman | And God created the Au Pair
12-Apr-05: biography

Marina Benjamin | Rocket Dreams
26-Oct-04: science

Francis Bennett | Doctor Berlin
20-Apr-05: fiction

John Berendt | The City of Falling Angels
18-Nov-05: fiction, travel

John Berendt | Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
28-Nov-05: fiction

Karan Bilimoria | Bottled for Business
07-Jun-07: business

Mark Billingham | Sleepyhead
28-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Mark Billingham | Scaredy Cat
07-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Mark Billingham | The Burning Girl
08-Sep-04: crime

Mark Billingham | In the Dark
02-Jun-08: thriller

Mark Billingham | Lifeless
22-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Mark Billingham | Lazybones
24-Sep-04: thriller

Maeve Binchy | Nights of Rain and Stars
21-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Tim Binding | Man Overboard
29-Jun-05: fiction

Charlotte Bingham | The Wind Off the Sea
16-Jan-05: fiction, romance

T.J. Binyon | Pushkin: A Biography
29-Oct-04: biography

Dinah Birch | The Oxford Companion to English Literature
18-Sep-09: literature, reference

Julia Blackburn | Old Man Goya
19-Oct-04: art, biography

Malorie Blackman | Checkmate
29-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Malorie Blackman | Noughts and Crosses
28-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Susan Blackmore | The Meme Machine
15-Oct-04: science

Brenda Blethyn | Mixed Fancies
29-Jul-06: biography, memoir

Clive Bloom | Bestsellers: Popular Fiction Since 1900
11-Feb-06: reference

Lawrence E. Blume | The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
17-Mar-08: reference

Anna Blundy | The Bad News Bible
10-Sep-04: fiction

David Bodanis | E=mc2
10-Nov-04: science

David Bodanis | The Electric Universe
10-Nov-04: science

David Bodanis | Passionate Minds
22-Mar-06: biography, history

Elleke Boehmer | Mandela: A Very Short Introduction
23-Jun-08: history, politics, reference, society

Jennie Bond | Reporting Royalty
27-Sep-04: memoir

Charley Boorman | Race to Dakar
11-Aug-06: biography, memoir, sport

Charley Boorman | Long Way Round
14-Aug-06: biography, memoir, travel

R.J.B. Bosworth | Mussolini
28-Dec-04: biography, history

Jeremy Bowen | Six Days
12-Sep-04: history

Tim Bowler | Blade
27-Apr-08: children's

Claire Boylan | Beloved Stranger
05-Jul-05: fiction

Claire Boylan | Emma Brown
21-Jun-05: fiction

Tom Bradby | The Master of Rain
23-Sep-04: thriller

Tom Bradby | The White Russian
11-Sep-04: crime, fiction

Melvyn Bragg | The Adventure of English
24-Sep-04: history

Martin Brasier | Darwin's Lost World
25-Nov-08: science

Celia Brayfield | Mr. Fabulous and Friends
05-Nov-04: fiction

Ian Bremmer | The Fat Tail
23-Nov-08: business

Simon Brett | The Torso in the Town
14-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Simon Briggs | Stiff Upper Lips and Baggy Green Caps
11-Oct-06: sport

John Brindley | The Rule of Claw
17-Sep-09: young adult

William Brodrick | The Gardens of the Dead
21-Mar-06: fiction

Clive Bromhall | The Eternal Child
23-Dec-04: science

Amanda Brookfield | Life Begins
23-Apr-08: fiction

Christopher Brookmyre | A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away
20-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | Be My Enemy
10-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | Quite Ugly One Morning
06-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil
07-Jun-06: crime, fiction, humour

Christopher Brookmyre | Boiling a Frog
20-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye
13-May-05: fiction

Anthony Browne | The Shape Game
07-Jan-05: children's

Chuck Brymer | The Nature of Marketing
27-Nov-08: business

Bill Bryson | Neither Here Nor There
08-Oct-04: travel

Bill Bryson | Notes from a Small Island
19-Oct-04: travel

Bill Bryson | A Short History of Nearly Everything
27-Sep-04: history

Bill Bryson | Notes from a Big Country
03-Jan-05: travel

Bill Bryson | Down Under
05-Oct-04: travel

Lily Burana | Strip City
10-Sep-04: biography, business, society

Melvin Burgess | Bloodsong
11-Jan-07: young adult

Gordon Burn | The North of England Home Service
29-Nov-04: fiction

John Burton Race | French Leave
19-Nov-04: food and drink

Jeremy Butterfield | Damp Squid
07-Jun-09: history, literature, reference, society

Georgia Byng | Molly Moon's Hypnotic Holiday
19-Jan-06: children's

Georgia Byng | Molly Moon Stops the World
16-Sep-04: children's

Tanya Byron | Little Angels
06-May-05: family and lifestyle

Tim Bouquet and Byron Ousey | Cold Steel
15-Apr-08: business

Stephanie Calman | Gentlemen prefer my sister
27-Sep-05: humour

Claire Calman | I Like it Like That
30-Dec-04: fiction

Stephanie Calman | Dressing for Breakfast
28-Sep-05: humour, society

Deborah Cameron | The Myth of Mars and Venus
23-Jun-08: education, society

Nina Campbell | Elements of Design
06-Dec-07: art, family and lifestyle

Gordon Campbell | Bible: The Story of the King James Version
18-Aug-10: history, literature, philosophy

Gordon Campbell | King James Bible: 400th Anniversary Edition
09-Jun-10: history, literature

Anthony Capella | The Food of Love
22-Sep-04: romance

Antonio Carluccio | Antonio Carluccio's Simple Cooking
06-Jul-09: food and drink

Humphrey Carpenter | Spike Milligan
21-Nov-04: biography

Phil Carradice | Coming Home
03-Aug-05: history

Phil Carradice | The Bosun's Secret
27-Aug-05: children's

Phil Carradice | Hannah Goes to War
31-Aug-05: children's

Claudia Carroll | Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man?
04-Aug-06: fiction, romance

Claudia Carroll | He Loves Me Not... He Loves Me
24-Oct-05: fiction, romance

Paul Carson | Betrayal
17-Dec-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Rita Carter | Consciousness
26-Dec-04: science

Liane Carter | The Chronicles of Joya
01-Dec-08: children's

Paul Cartledge | Ancient Greece : A History in Eleven Cities
07-Jun-09: history

Justin Cartwright | White Lightning
01-Nov-04: fiction

Margaret Cezair-Thompson | The Pirate's Daughter
28-Feb-08: fiction

Elizabeth Chadwick | The Greatest Knight
23-Aug-05: fiction

Elizabeth Chadwick | Shadows & Strongholds
21-May-05: fiction

Dave Chaffey | E-Business and E-Commerce Management (Third Edition)
09-Mar-07: business, education, text book

Dave Chaffey | Internet Marketing ( 3rd Edition )
07-Mar-07: business, education, text book

Henry Chancellor | The Museum's Secret (The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn Bk1)
26-Apr-09: children's

Jung Chang | Wild Swans
04-Nov-06: history, memoir

Jung Chang | Mao
24-Mar-06: biography, history, politics, society

Nick Chatrath | Reaching Muslims: A One-stop Guide for Christians
09-Nov-10: body mind and spirit, philosophy, society

Sarah Chayes | The Punishment of Virtue
20-Mar-07: biography, history, philosophy, politics, society, travel

Tracy Chevalier | The Lady and the Unicorn
10-Sep-04: fiction

Lee Child | Persuader
13-Apr-05: thriller

Lee Child | The Enemy
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Lee Child | One Shot
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Lee Child | Without Fail
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Deepak Chopra | Kama Sutra
05-May-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, philosophy

Roy Chubby Brown | Common as Muck
31-Jul-06: biography, memoir

Lucy Clare | Breaking the Trust
09-Nov-04: fiction

Oz Clarke | New Wine Atlas
12-Jul-05: reference

Lindsay Clarke | The Return from Troy
09-May-06: fiction

Susanna Clarke | Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
11-Oct-05: fiction

Oz Clarke | Pocket Wine Guides 2006
13-Jul-05: food and drink, reference

Oz Clarke | Pocket Wine Book 2005
02-Sep-04: food and drink

Brian Clarke | The Stream
23-Nov-04: fiction

Frank Close | The Void
23-Mar-08: science

Frank Close | Antimatter
10-Nov-08: science

Harlan Coben | No Second Chance
27-Sep-04: thriller

Harlan Coben | The Innocent
21-Apr-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Harlan Coben | Just One Look
19-Apr-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Paulo Coelho | The Witch of Portobello
02-May-07: fiction

Paulo Coelho | The Zahir
08-Jun-05: fiction

Martina Cole | The Know
18-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Emerson Cole | GodSword
26-Jul-07: fiction, thriller

Martina Cole | The Graft
03-Nov-04: fiction

Rowan Coleman | The Accidental Mother
15-Mar-06: fiction

Eoin Colfer | Artemis Fowl:The Arctic Incident
21-Sep-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | The Legend of Spud Murphy
28-Sep-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | Artemis Fowl
19-Oct-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | The Supernaturalist
21-Sep-04: children's

Jenny Colgan | Amanda's Wedding
22-Nov-04: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Working Wonders
15-Nov-04: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Looking for Andrew McCarthy
15-Nov-04: humour

Jenny Colgan | Operation Sunshine
24-Aug-07: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Talking to Addison
17-Nov-04: fiction

Paul Collier | The Bottom Billion
23-Jun-08: business, history, politics, society

Vanessa Collingridge | Captain Cook
08-Dec-04: biography, history

Joan Collins | Joan's Way
29-Oct-04: health and fitness

Jodi Compton | The 37th Hour
28-Sep-04: crime

Michael Connelly | The Poet
19-Sep-04: thriller

Charlie Connelly | Attention All Shipping : A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast
31-Aug-04: travel

Michael Connelly | The Narrows
17-Sep-04: crime

Charlie Connelly | In Search of Elvis
09-Nov-06: humour, society, travel

Michael Connelly | Lost Light
22-Sep-04: crime

John Connolly | The White Road
08-Jan-05: crime

John Connolly | Bad Men
06-Jan-05: crime

Cressida Connolly | The Rare and the Beautiful
30-Aug-04: biography, romance

John Connolly | The Black Angel
07-May-05: crime, fiction, thriller

John Connolly | The Killing Kind
17-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Peter Conrad | Orson Welles: The Stories of His Life
25-Sep-04: biography

Robin Cooper | The Return of the Timewaster Letters
06-Aug-05: humour

Natasha Cooper | A Place of Safety
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Artemis Cooper | Words of Mercury
28-Sep-04: travel

Natasha Cooper | A Poisoned Mind
25-Feb-08: crime

Natasha Cooper | Creeping Ivy
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Natasha Cooper | Gagged and Bound
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Roger Corder | The Wine Diet
25-Oct-06: food and drink, health and fitness

Zizou Corder | Lionboy
31-Aug-04: children's

Nicola Cornick | Unmasked
08-Sep-08: romance

Cressida Cowell | How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
21-Sep-06: children's

Sue Cowley | Getting the Buggers to Behave
18-Dec-05: education, society

Tracey Cox | Superflirt
11-Sep-04: health and fitness, reference, romance

Michael Cox | The Meaning of Night
08-Mar-06: fiction

Tracey Cox | Supersex
09-Sep-04: health and fitness, romance

Josephine Cox | The Journey
24-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Josephine Cox | Live the Dream
11-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Tracey Cox | Superdate
24-Sep-04: reference

Caroline Cox | How to be Adored
19-Jun-09: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, humour

Tracey Cox | Quickies
27-Mar-06: family and lifestyle

Diane Coyle | Sex, Drugs and Economics
03-Sep-05: business, politics, society

Jim Crace | Six
11-Oct-04: fiction

Amanda Craig | Love In Idleness
25-Oct-04: fiction

Stuart Crainer | Leadership the Sven Goran Eriksson Way
27-Sep-04: business

S.C. Crainer | Business, the Universe and Everything
07-Jan-05: business

Miles Craven | Get Real!
06-Jul-07: education, text book

Gillian Cross | The Dark Ground
03-Jun-07: children's, young adult

Gillian Cross | The Nightmare Game
20-Jun-06: children's

Neil Cross | Mr. In-Between
09-Nov-04: fiction

Neil Cross | Always the Sun
21-Oct-04: fiction

Gillian Cross | The Black Room
03-Jun-07: children's, young adult

Gillian Cross | Calling a Dead Man
28-Aug-06: children's

Gillian Cross | Where I Belong
13-Sep-09: children's

Neil Cross | Holloway Falls
05-Nov-04: fiction

Kevin Crossley-Holland | Arthur: The Seeing Stone
27-Sep-04: children's

Kevin Crossley-Holland | At the Crossing Places
23-Sep-04: children's

Kevin Crossley-Holland | Arthur: King of the Middle March
28-Sep-04: children's

David Crystal | The Future of Language
31-Jan-09: education, literature

David Crystal | Words Words Words
24-Mar-08: education, literature, reference

David Crystal | Txtng: The Gr8 Db8
11-Jul-08: literature, reference, society

David Crystal | Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage
17-May-09: reference

David Crystal | Just A Phrase I'm Going Through
31-Jan-09: biography, education, literature

David Crystal | The Fight for English
27-Mar-08: history, literature, reference

Bill Cullen | It's a Long Way From Penny Apples
19-Oct-04: biography

Rachel Cusk | In the Fold
17-Mar-06: fiction

Michael A. Cusumano | Staying Power
25-Aug-10: business

Chris d'Lacey | The Fire Within
27-Sep-04: children's

Chris d'Lacey | Fire Star
19-Nov-06: children's

Chris d'Lacey | Icefire
23-Sep-04: children's

G.W. Dahlquist | The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters
22-Jan-07: fiction

Tom Dalzell | The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (US)
15-Oct-04: reference

Julia Darling | The Taxi Driver's Daughter
29-Nov-04: fiction

Terry Darlington | Narrow Dog to Carcassonne
24-Feb-06: travel

Saul David | The Indian Mutiny 1857
24-Dec-05: history

Ian Davidson | Voltaire in Exile
01-Jan-05: biography

Russell Davies | Secret Sins
26-Aug-05: history, society

Norman Davies | Rising '44
30-Nov-04: history

Russell Davies | Hope and Heartbreak
05-Aug-05: history, politics, society

Richard Dawkins | The Ancestor's Tale
02-Nov-04: science

Richard Dawkins | The God Delusion
24-Mar-07: philosophy, science, society

Richard Dawkins | The Greatest Show on Earth
27-Aug-09: science

Richard Dawkins | The Selfish Gene
18-Dec-05: science

Tamasin Day-Lewis | Supper for a Song
08-Jun-09: food and drink

Alain De Botton | How Proust Can Change Your Life
23-Nov-06: biography, philosophy

Alain De Botton | The Consolations of Philosophy
12-Apr-06: history, philosophy

Alain De Botton | Status Anxiety
23-Nov-06: society

Alain De Botton | Essays in Love
23-Nov-06: history, philosophy

Alain De Botton | The Architecture of Happiness
21-Feb-06: philosophy, politics, society

Alain De Botton | The Art of Travel
04-Apr-06: philosophy, politics, society, travel

Aubrey de Grey | Ending Aging
13-Nov-07: science, society

Peter De La Billiere | Supreme Courage
11-Oct-04: history

Jeffery Deaver | The Vanished Man
17-Oct-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffery Deaver | Stone Monkey
18-Oct-04: crime

Jeffery Deaver | Blue Nowhere
18-Oct-04: crime

Jeffery Deaver | Garden of Beasts
11-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffery Deaver | The Twelfth Card
04-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Meaghan Delahunt | In the Blue House
07-Dec-04: fiction

Frank Delaney | Ireland; A Novel
03-Sep-04: fiction

Nigel Denby | The 7 Day GL Diet
25-Jan-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Susie Dent | Susie Dent's Words of the Year
24-Jun-08: education, reference

Kiran Desai | The Inheritance of Loss
02-Sep-06: fiction

Josie Dew | The Sun in My Eyes
22-Nov-04: travel

Josie Dew | A Ride in the Neon Sun
11-Nov-04: travel

Janine di Giovanni | Madness Visible
22-May-05: history, politics, society

Anita Diamant | The Red Tent
25-Oct-04: fiction

Anne Diamond | Girl Next Door
17-Mar-05: biography

Thomas Dixon | Science and Religion : A Very Short Introduction
03-Jun-08: education, history, philosophy

Julia Donaldson | The Gruffalo Song
18-Feb-05: children's

Lesley Downer | On the Narrow Road to the Deep North
23-Feb-08: travel

Lesley Downer | The Brothers
23-Feb-08: history

Lesley Downer | A Taste of Japan
23-Feb-08: food and drink

Lesley Downer | Madame Sadayakko
22-Feb-08: history

Jenny Downham | Before I Die
18-Apr-08: young adult

Mick Drake | All's Well at Wellwithoute
23-Feb-07: fiction, humour

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Farm
12-May-05: biography, memoir, travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Harvest
09-May-05: biography, memoir, travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Season
19-Jan-05: biography, memoir, travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Route
12-Oct-06: travel

Stella Duffy | Mouths of Babes
14-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Stella Duffy | Parallel Lies
25-Feb-05: fiction

Stella Duffy | State of Happiness
21-Sep-04: fiction

Stella Duffy | Immaculate Conceit
06-Nov-04: fiction

Martin Dugard | Into Africa
23-Sep-04: history

Sarah Dunant | In the Company of a Courtesan
30-Sep-05: fiction

Sarah Dunant | Transgressions
03-Oct-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Polly Dunbar | Penguin
04-Apr-07: children's

Patricia Duncker | Seven Tales of Sex and Death
12-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Matt Dunn | Best Man
25-Oct-04: fiction

Suzannah Dunn | The Queen's Sorrow
08-May-08: history

Jill Dupleix | Lighten Up
26-Jul-07: food and drink

Jeremy Dyson | Never Trust a Rabbit
22-Nov-06: fiction, humour

Terry Eagleton | The Meaning of Life
18-Oct-06: philosophy

Mark Earls | Herd
19-Jul-07: business

Julia Eccleshare | Beatrix Potter to Harry Potter
02-Dec-04: biography, children's, history, poetry

Jenny Eclair | Having a Lovely Time
25-Feb-05: fiction

Robert Edric | Peacetime
22-Dec-04: fiction

Barbara Ehrenreich | Dancing in the Streets
03-Apr-07: history, society

Stephen Elboz | The Prisoner's Apprentice
19-Sep-06: children's

Rebecca Elliott | Just Because
18-Aug-10: children's, family and lifestyle

Iain Ellwood | Wonder Woman
17-Apr-08: business

Richard English | Terrorism: How to Respond
16-Jan-09: philosophy, politics

Sam Enthoven | The Black Tattoo
29-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Carodoc Evans | My Neighbours
29-Jul-05: fiction, literature

Diana Evans | 26a
25-Feb-05: fiction

Barbara Ewing | The Trespass
11-Dec-04: fiction, thriller

Linda Fairstein | The Bone Vault
12-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Linda Fairstein | The Kills
05-Sep-04: crime

Duncan Falconer | First into Action
18-Jul-05: biography, history, politics, society

Duncan Falconer | The Hostage
14-Jul-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Duncan Falconer | The Protector
27-Nov-06: fiction

Duncan Falconer | The Bomb Surgeon
28-Jun-05: fiction

Duncan Falconer | The Hijack
18-Jul-05: thriller

Patricia Fara | Science: A Four Thousand Year History
17-Jan-09: history, science

Steven Farmer | Animal Spirit Guides
01-Jun-06: occult

Roopa Farooki | Bitter Sweets
06-Jun-07: fiction

Mark Featherstone-Witty | LIPA in Pictures
22-Jan-06: art, education, music

Mark Featherstone-Witty | Optimistic, Even Then
20-Jan-06: art, business, education, music

Bruce Feiler | Abraham
09-Jun-05: biography, history, travel

Bruce Feiler | Where God Was Born
08-Jun-05: history, travel

Katie Fforde | Restoring Grace
18-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Katie Fforde | Flora's Lot
20-Feb-05: fiction

David Fiddimore | Tuesday's War
12-Oct-05: fiction

Kate Figes | The Terrible Teens
08-Nov-04: society

Kate Figes | Life After Birth
22-Nov-04: health and fitness

Joseph Finder | Power Play
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | No Hiding Place
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | Paranoia
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | High Crimes
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | Killer Instinct
01-Mar-08: thriller

Anne Fine | The Road of Bones
26-Apr-06: children's, fiction

Anne Fine | Up on Cloud Nine
23-Nov-04: children's

Victoria Finlay | Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox
25-Nov-04: history, society, travel

Tibor Fischer | Voyage to the End of the Room
28-Dec-04: fiction

Tibor Fischer | Under the Frog
20-Dec-04: fiction

Deborah Fisher | Princesses of Wales
01-Aug-05: biography, history

Susan Fletcher | Eve Green
16-Jun-05: fiction

Charlie Fletcher | Stone Heart
16-Oct-06: children's, fiction

Katie Flynn | Darkest Before Dawn
04-Dec-05: fiction

Helena Fone | Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies
05-Oct-08: body mind and spirit

Colin Forbes | The Cell
27-Sep-04: thriller

Colin Forbes | No Mercy
24-Sep-04: thriller

G M Ford | Black River
30-Aug-04: crime, thriller

Frederick Forsyth | Avenger
10-Sep-04: thriller

Frederick Forsyth | The Afghan
04-Oct-06: thriller

Richard Fortey | The Earth
10-Sep-04: science

Cheryl Frampton | For Crying Out Loud
10-Jul-05: biography

Clare Francis | Homeland
25-Oct-05: fiction

Liz Fraser | The Yummy Mummy's Survival Guide
27-Feb-06: health and fitness

Cynthia Freeland | Portraits and Persons
19-Aug-10: art, history, philosophy

Charles Freeman | The Closing of the Western Mind
10-Nov-04: history

Vivian French | The Tiara Club
30-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Jo Frost | Supernanny
29-Mar-05: family and lifestyle

John Fullerton | A Hostile Place
12-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Adrian Furnham | Management Mumbo-Jumbo
14-Mar-06: business, reference, society

Neil Gaiman | Anansi Boys
11-Jun-05: fiction

Neil Gaiman | Mirrormask
11-Jul-05: children's, fiction, science fiction

Neil Gaiman | Smoke and Mirrors
11-Jul-05: fiction, science fiction

Neil Gaiman | Creatures of the Night
07-Jul-05: fiction

Neil Gaiman | Neverwhere
08-Jul-05: fiction, science fiction

Patrick Gale | Notes from an Exhibition
17-Feb-08: fiction

Patrick Gale | A Sweet Obscurity
12-Oct-04: fiction

Sally Gardner | Fairy Shopping
21-Dec-04: children's

Lesley Garner | Everything I've Ever Done That Worked
20-Feb-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, philosophy

Diarmuid Gavin | Outer Spaces
27-Sep-04: reference

Jamila Gavin | Coram Boy
04-Mar-08: children's

Mike Gayle | His n Hers
18-Feb-05: fiction

Maggie Gee | The White Family
16-May-05: fiction

Maggie Gee | The Blue
29-Oct-06: fiction

Adele Geras | Hester's Story
01-Feb-06: children's, fiction

Adele Geras | Facing the Light
22-Sep-04: fiction

Tess Gerritsen | Body Double
30-Jan-06: crime, fiction, thriller

David Gibbins | Crusader Gold
30-Apr-08: fiction

David Gibbins | Atlantis
25-Jul-05: fiction

David Gibbins | The Last Gospel
11-Apr-08: fiction

Annabel Giles | Crossing the Paradise Line
26-Jan-05: fiction

Peter Gill | Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid
05-Jun-10: history, politics, society, travel

Patrick Gillard | Oxford Spanish Dictionary
27-Nov-09: reference

Peter Gilliver | The Ring of Words
13-Nov-08: literature

Mark Gimenez | The Colour of Law
02-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

John Gimlette | At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig
26-Oct-04: travel

James Gleick | Isaac Newton
26-Oct-04: biography, science

Debi Gliori | Deep Water
29-May-06: children's, fiction

Debi Gliori | Deep Fear
26-May-06: children's, fiction

Debi Gliori | Goodnight Baby Bat
28-Mar-07: children's

Robert Goddard | Sight Unseen
13-Dec-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Robert Goddard | Dying to Tell
15-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Robert Goddard | Never Go Back
22-Nov-06: fiction, thriller

Keith Godfrey | Flying Without Fear
04-Dec-04: reference, science, society

Julia Golding | The Secret of the Sirens
25-May-06: children's, fiction

Daniel Goleman | The New Leaders
16-Oct-04: business

Chris Goodall | How to Live a Low-carbon Life
03-Mar-10: environment, family and lifestyle, society

Lyndall Gordon | Mary Wollstonecraft
18-Feb-05: biography, history, society

Janey Lee Grace | Imperfectly Natural Woman
08-Dec-05: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Andrew Graham-Dixon | In the Picture: The Year Through Art
04-Nov-04: art, reference

Andrew Graham-Dixon | Renaissance
09-Nov-04: history

Andrew Graham-Dixon | A History of British Art
09-Nov-04: art, history

Linda Grant | Still Here
24-Nov-04: fiction

Emily Gravett | Monkey and Me
19-Jan-07: children's

John Gray | Straw Dogs
16-Nov-04: philosophy

A.C. Grayling | What is Good?
03-Dec-04: philosophy, society

Jimmy Greaves | Greavsie
28-Sep-04: biography

Jimmy Greaves | The Heart of the Game
05-Aug-05: history, society, sport

Jeff Green | The A-Z of Living Together
13-Dec-04: humour, society

Jonathan Green | Match Wits with the Kids
28-May-08: education

Jeff Green | The A-Z of Having a Baby
19-Oct-06: family and lifestyle, humour

Rachel Greenwald | The Program
10-Sep-04: reference

Philippa Gregory | The Constant Princess
11-Mar-07: fiction, history

Philippa Gregory | The Queen's Fool
31-Dec-04: fiction

Philippa Gregory | The Other Boleyn Girl
29-Jan-05: fiction

John Gribbin | Flower Hunters
29-Nov-07: science

Nicholas Griffin | The Masquerade
04-Nov-04: fiction

Andrew Gross | Blue Zone
23-Mar-07: fiction, thriller

Philip Gross | Going for Stone
03-Dec-04: children's, horror

Bernard Grosz | Teach Yourself Your Evening Class : French
04-Sep-08: education

John Guillebaud | The Pill : The Facts
13-Sep-08: education, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Xiaolu Guo | A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
06-May-07: fiction

Abdulrazak Gurnah | By the Sea
29-Nov-04: fiction

Allan Guthrie | Hard Man
19-Mar-07: crime, fiction

George Hagen | The Laments
07-Jun-05: fiction

William Hall | 70 not out
30-Jun-05: biography

Steven Hall | The Raw Shark Texts
11-Mar-08: fiction

Rich Hall | Things Snowball
26-Nov-04: humour

Jon Halliday | Sirk on Sirk
27-Nov-06: art, biography

Roman Halter | Roman's Journey
11-Feb-07: biography, history, memoir, society

Sheila Hancock | The Two of Us: My Life with John Thaw
30-Jun-05: biography, memoir

Sheila Hancock | Ramblings of an Actress
01-Jul-05: biography, memoir

Michele and Amy Hanson | Living with Mother
17-Aug-06: biography

Maeve Haran | Husband Material
28-Aug-05: fiction

Titania Hardie | Frangipani Fairies
03-Apr-07: children's

Tim Harford | The Undercover Economist
21-Feb-06: business, politics, society

Tim Harford | The Logic of Life
09-Nov-07: family and lifestyle, politics, society

Alison Penton Harper | Housewife Down
10-Oct-05: fiction

Ainsley Harriott | Meals in Minutes
19-Jun-06: food and drink

Ainsley Harriott | Friends and Family Cookbook
19-Jun-06: food and drink

Ainsley Harriott | The Feel-Good Cookbook
18-Jun-06: food and drink

Joanne Harris | Coastliners
09-May-05: fiction

Robert Harris | Pompeii
06-Oct-04: fiction

Joanne Harris | Gentlemen and Players
31-Oct-05: fiction

Joanne Harris | Holy Fools
20-Sep-04: fiction

Joanne Harris | Jigs and Reels
12-Sep-04: fiction

Joanne Harris | Five Quarters of the Orange
20-May-05: fiction

Jane Harris | The Observations
15-Mar-07: fiction

Kate Harrison | The Starter Marriage
08-May-05: fiction

Kate Harrison | Old School Ties
11-May-05: fiction

Sarah Harrison | The Dreaming Stones
08-Nov-04: fiction

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles | Game Over
16-Apr-08: crime, fiction

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles | Harte's Desire
09-Apr-08: fiction

Lilian Harry | A Promise to Keep
13-Sep-04: fiction

Duff Hart-Davis | Fauna Britannica
25-Oct-04: reference

Bob Hartman | Mr. Aesop's Story Shop
10-Aug-10: children's

John Harvey Jones | Making It Happen
09-Jun-05: business

Chris Haslam | Twelve Step Fandango
11-Oct-04: fiction

Chris Haslam | Alligator Strip
15-May-05: fiction

Roy Hattersley | The Edwardians
02-Sep-04: biography

Roy Hattersley | John Wesley: A Brand from the Burning
21-Jan-05: biography, history

Annie Hawes | Ripe for the Picking
13-Dec-05: biography, travel

Mo Hayder | Ritual
26-Mar-08: thriller

Mo Hayder | Tokyo
10-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Sam Hayes | Blood Ties
09-Jul-07: fiction

John Heilbron | Galileo
25-May-10: biography

Lauren Henderson | Jane Austen's Guide to Dating
01-Feb-05: romance, society

Lauren Henderson | Exes Anonymous
31-Jan-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | An Eligible Bachelor
14-Jun-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | Wild Oats
03-Jul-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | Honeycote
30-Jun-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | Making Hay
30-Jun-05: fiction

David Hewson | The Sacred Cut
07-Apr-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Villa of Mysteries
22-Mar-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Seventh Sacrament
21-Mar-08: crime, fiction

David Hewson | The Promised Land
07-Apr-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Lizard's Bite
22-Mar-08: crime, thriller

David Hewson | A Season for the Dead
01-Apr-08: thriller

F.E. Higgins | The Black Book of Secrets
19-Jan-07: children's

Tobias Hill | Underground
26-Nov-04: thriller

Tobias Hill | The Love of Stones
25-Nov-04: fiction

Tobias Hill | The Cryptographer
24-Nov-04: fiction

Stuart Hill | The Cry of the Icemark
23-Feb-06: children's

Lisa Hilton | The Real Queen of France
09-Nov-04: biography

Victoria Hislop | The Island
08-May-06: fiction

Phil Hogan | The Freedom Thing
11-Jan-05: fiction

Simon Hoggart | Playing to the Gallery
11-Jan-05: humour, politics

Simon Hoggart | Punchlines
09-Jan-05: humour

Simon Hoggart | Life's Too Short to Drink Bad Wine
25-Jun-09: food and drink

Wendy Holden | Azur Like It
18-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Bad Heir Day
25-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Fame Fatale
20-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Pastures Nouveaux
20-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | The Wives of Bath
18-Nov-04: fiction, humour

Anthony Holden | Bigger Deal
23-Mar-07: society, sport

Wendy Holden | Simply Divine
05-Nov-04: fiction

Patrick Holford | The Holford Low GL Diet
02-Jan-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Patrick Holford | The New Optimum Nutrition Bible
28-Dec-05: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Tom Holland | Rubicon
16-Oct-04: history

Tom Holland | Persian Fire
14-Sep-05: fiction

Kelly Holmes | Black, White and Gold
06-Apr-06: biography, memoir, sport

Richard Holmes | Acts of War
23-Sep-04: history

Debby Holt | The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide
17-Mar-06: fiction

A.M. Homes | The Mistress's Daughter
29-Mar-07: biography, memoir

A.M. Homes | This Book Will Save Your Life
30-Mar-07: fiction

Carl Honoré | Under Pressure
04-Mar-08: family and lifestyle

Carl Honoré | In Praise of Slow
05-Mar-08: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Billy Hopkins | Kate's Story
09-Jan-06: fiction

Billy Hopkins | Our Kid
29-Dec-05: fiction

Billy Hopkins | High Hopes
09-Jan-06: fiction

William Hopper | The Puritan Gift
22-Apr-08: business

Craig Revel Horwood | All Balls and Glitter
22-Jun-08: biography

Elizabeth Jane Howard | Slipstream: A Memoir
25-Aug-06: biography

Audrey Howard | Painted Highway
23-Dec-05: fiction, romance

Stuart Howarth | Please Daddy No
27-Sep-06: biography

Susan Howatch | The Heartbreaker
23-May-05: fiction

David Howe | The Emotionally Intelligent Social Worker
20-Aug-08: education, society

Wei Hui | Marrying Buddha
11-Jul-05: fiction

C.C. Humphreys | Jack Absolute
01-Oct-04: fiction

CC Humphreys | The Blooding of Jack Absolute
08-Oct-04: fiction

John Humphrys | Lost For Words
29-Sep-04: society

Tristram Hunt | The English Civil War at First Hand
23-Sep-04: history

Douglas Hurd | Memoirs
30-Nov-04: biography

Angela Huth | Of Love and Slaughter
18-Dec-04: fiction

Shaun Hutson | Twisted Souls
03-Feb-06: fiction, horror

Shaun Hutson | Necessary Evil
17-Feb-05: fiction, thriller

Will Hutton | The Writing on the Wall
25-Oct-06: history, politics, society

Pauline Hyde | The Adventures of Eddie: An Extra Special Pigeon
04-Jul-05: children's

Conn Iggulden | Emperor: The Gates of Rome
22-Oct-04: fiction

Conn Iggulden | Emperor: The Gods of War
14-Jan-06: fiction

Conn Iggulden | Emperor: Field of Swords
15-Jan-05: fiction

Michael Ignatieff | Charlie Johnson in the Flames
04-Jan-05: fiction

Immaculee Ilibagiza | Left to Tell
13-Mar-06: politics, society

Stephen Inwood | The Man Who Knew Too Much
11-Jan-05: biography, history, science

Steven Isserlis | Why Beethoven Threw the Stew
12-Apr-06: children's, music

Frances Itani | Deafening
10-Sep-04: fiction

P. Thomson J. Graham | A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom: The Roadmap
25-Jun-08: business

Andrew Jack | Inside Putin's Russia
03-Sep-04: history, politics

Tim Jackson | Prosperity without Growth
11-Aug-09: economics, environment, lifestyle, society

Tony James | Up the Creek
17-Jan-06: biography, sport, travel

Clive James | The Book of My Enemy
06-Oct-04: poetry

Peter James | Dead Simple
17-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Erica James | Paradise House
16-Sep-04: romance

P.D. James | Death in Holy Orders
15-Oct-04: crime

Alexander Gordon Smith and Jamie Webb | The Inventors
07-Feb-08: children's

Julia Jarman | Big Red Bath
30-Nov-06: children's

Julia Jarman | The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess
18-Nov-06: children's

Jonathan Jay | Sack Your Boss
07-Dec-05: business

Mike Jenkins | Child of Dust
03-Aug-05: fiction

Charles Jenks | The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
09-Dec-04: history, science, society

Paul Jennings | The Reading Bug
21-Sep-04: reference

Pam Jenoff | The Diplomat's Wife
28-Feb-08: fiction

Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom | Do You Think What You Think You Think?
01-Sep-06: philosophy

Katherine John | Without Trace
07-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Hugh Johnson | Pocket Wine Book 2007
25-Jun-06: food and drink

Mark Johnson | Wasted
07-Mar-07: biography, memoir

Hugh Johnson | Hugh Johnson's Wine Companion
28-Oct-04: reference

Steven Johnson | Mind Wide Open
28-Sep-04: science

Paul Johnston | The Death List
28-Apr-07: crime

Mark Wilcox and Jonas Ridderstrale | Re-energizing the Corporation: How Leaders Make Change Happen
06-May-08: business

Steve Jones | Y: The Descent of Men
18-Oct-04: science

Steve Jones | The Single Helix
03-Oct-05: science

Liz Jones | Purple Reign
18-Jun-06: biography

Janey Louise Jones | Princess Poppy Gift Collection
05-Jun-07: children's

Steve Jones | Almost Like a Whale
04-Oct-05: science

Lloyd Jones | Mr Vogel
30-Jul-05: fiction

Joan Jonker | I'll Be Your Sweetheart
01-Dec-05: fiction, romance

Joan Jonker | Three Little Words
15-Jan-06: fiction

Spencer Jordan | Journeys in a Dead Season
10-Oct-05: fiction

Ruth Joseph | Remembering Judith
04-Feb-06: biography

Lydia Joyce | The Veil of Night
09-Feb-05: fiction

Anthony Julius | Trials of the Diaspora
21-Nov-09: history

Tony Juniper | Spix's Macaw
21-Oct-04: society

Ashley Kahn | A Love Supreme
24-May-05: biography, history, music

Ashley Kahn | Kind of Blue
18-May-05: history, music

Annabel Karmel | The New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner
19-Apr-05: food and drink, reference

Annabel Karmel | Top 100 Baby Purees
10-Apr-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Annabel Karmel | Favourite Family Recipes
02-Apr-05: food and drink

Annabel Karmel | The Complete First Year Planner
10-Apr-05: health and fitness

Annabel Karmel | Lunchboxes
19-Apr-05: food and drink

Marshall Karp | The Rabbit Factory
10-Apr-07: thriller

John Katz | The Goldwatcher
23-Nov-08: business

Alan Kaufman | Jew Boy
23-Nov-06: biography, memoir

Alan Kaufman | Matches
07-Mar-06: fiction

Narinder Kaur | Big Brother The Inside Story
10-Apr-07: biography, society

Alex Kava | The Soul Catcher
06-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

John Kay | The Truth About Markets
08-Sep-04: business

Brian Keaney | The Hollow People
09-Nov-07: children's

Brian Keaney | Jacob's Ladder
09-Oct-06: children's, fiction

John Keay | Sowing the Wind
24-Sep-04: history

Daniel Kehlmann | Measuring the World
16-Apr-07: fiction, science

Christine Kelly | Mrs Duberly's War
24-Mar-08: biography, history

Cathy Kelly | What She Wants
23-Sep-04: romance

Cathy Kelly | Best of Friends
26-Mar-05: fiction, romance

Cathy Kelly | Always and Forever
16-Mar-05: fiction, romance

Simon Kernick | The Business of Dying
28-Sep-04: crime

Simon Kernick | The Murder Exchange
08-Sep-04: crime

Simon Kernick | The Crime Trade
21-Sep-04: crime

Kate Kerrigan | Recipes for a Pefect Marriage
18-Oct-05: fiction, romance

Marian Keyes | Last Chance Saloon
17-Oct-04: fiction

Marian Keyes | Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
08-Nov-04: fiction

Marian Keyes | Rachel's Holiday
29-Nov-04: humour

Marian Keyes | The Other Side of the Story
15-Feb-05: fiction

Marian Keyes | Watermelon
26-Oct-04: fiction

Raymond Khoury | The Last Templar
26-Mar-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Jemma Kidd | Jemma Kidd Make-Up Masterclass
09-Jul-09: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Sophie King | The School Run
23-Sep-05: fiction

Stephen King | Lisey's Story
10-Nov-06: fiction

Sophie King | The Supper Club
23-Jan-09: fiction

Sophie King | The Wedding Party
23-Jan-09: fiction

Ross King | Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
25-Nov-04: history

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic and Sister
02-Sep-04: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic Ties the Knot
21-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
18-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | The Undomestic Goddess
01-Jun-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic Abroad
22-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic and Sister
20-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Can you keep a secret?
17-Aug-05: fiction, romance

Sheila Kitzinger | Birth Your Way
03-Feb-05: health and fitness, science, society

Sheila Kitzinger | Rediscovering Birth
04-Feb-05: health and fitness, society

Elizabeth Knowles | Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
15-Sep-09: reference

James Knox | Robert Byron
24-Sep-04: biography

Marek Kohn | Trust
11-Apr-08: family and lifestyle, philosophy

Marek Kohn | Dope Girls
19-Apr-08: history

Marek Kohn | As We Know It
30-Apr-08: history, science

Marek Kohn | A Reason For Everything
06-May-08: biography, history, science

Dorothy Koomson | Marshmallows for Breakfast
22-May-07: fiction, romance

Elizabeth Kostova | The Historian
07-Mar-05: fiction

Paul Krugman | The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes
16-Jun-07: business, education, text book

Lynda La Plante | The Red Dahlia
09-Sep-06: crime, fiction

Robert Lacey | Great Tales From English History v. 2
26-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Year 1000: An Englishman's Year
25-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Great Tales from English History: Cheddar Man to the Peasants' Revolt
17-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Great Tales from English History 3
03-Jul-06: history

Keith Laidler | The Last Empress
03-Jan-06: history

Christina Lamb | The Sewing Circles of Herat
30-Nov-04: memoir, society, travel

Anne Landsman | The Devil's Chimney
25-Feb-08: fiction

Anne Landsman | The Rowing Lesson
25-Feb-08: fiction

Nick Lane | Oxygen
27-Jan-05: science

Kay Langdale | If Not Love
05-Mar-08: fiction

Lori Lansens | The Girls
27-Mar-07: fiction

Carolyne Larrington | King Arthur's Enchantresses
24-Apr-08: history, literature

Stephen Law | The Philosophy Files
28-Sep-04: philosophy

Michael Lawrence | The Underwood See
08-Dec-06: children's, fiction

Mary Lawson | The Other Side of the Bridge
06-Sep-06: fiction, literature

John Le Carre | Absolute Friends
31-Aug-04: crime, thriller

Michael Leapman | The World for a Shilling
09-Nov-04: history

Michael Leapman | Inigo
09-Nov-04: biography

Stephen Leather | Soft Target
22-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Hermione Lee | Biography : A Very Short Introduction
11-Jun-09: biography, education, literature

Jeremy Leggett | Half Gone
18-Apr-06: business, politics, society

Prue Leith | Leiths Cookery Bible
16-Mar-08: food and drink

William Leith | The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict
13-Oct-05: biography, food and drink, health and fitness

Joan Lennon | The Ely Plot
18-Mar-07: children's, fantasy, fiction

Donna Leon | A Sea of Troubles
09-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Blood from a Stone
09-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death at La Fenice
12-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Acqua Alta
27-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | A Noble Radiance
07-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Uniform Justice
15-Oct-04: crime

Donna Leon | Doctored Evidence
06-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death in a Strange Country
20-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death and Judgment
15-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Andrew Lester | Growth Management : Two Hats Are Better Than One
05-Mar-09: business

Kathy Lette | Dead Sexy
03-Oct-04: fiction

Kathy Lette | Nip 'n' Tuck
19-May-05: fiction

Gemma Levine | Mayfair
24-Jun-08: art

Persephone Lewin | Bite to Byte: The Story of Injury Analysis
12-Nov-05: biography, crime, humour

Susan Lewis | Silent Truths
08-Jan-05: crime, fiction, romance

Jeremy Lewis | Tobias Smollett
15-Nov-04: biography

Marina Lewycka | A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
04-Mar-06: fiction

Rod Liddle | Too Beautiful For You
23-Nov-04: fiction

Rebecca Lisle | Amethyst
22-May-06: children's, fiction

Robert Littell | The Company
17-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Tessa Livingstone | Child of Our Time
17-Feb-05: health and fitness, science, society

Lesley Lokko | Sundowners
18-Nov-04: fiction

Lesley Lokko | Saffron Skies
20-Nov-05: fiction

Kate Long | The Bad Mother's Handbook
04-Jan-06: fiction

Kate Long | Swallowing Grandma
16-Aug-05: fiction

Peter Longerich | Holocaust
22-Oct-09: history

Isabel Losada | For Tibet With Love
30-Aug-04: travel

Mary S Lovell | Bess of Hardwick
13-Sep-05: biography, history

David Lucas | The Lying Carpet
04-Aug-08: children's

Andrew Lycett | Dylan Thomas: A New Life
07-Oct-04: biography

Mark Lynas | Six Degrees
17-Mar-08: science

Brian MacArthur | Surviving the Sword
11-Mar-05: history

Hannah MacDonald | Julianna Kiss
09-Nov-05: fiction

Hannah MacDonald | The Sun Road
16-Nov-05: fiction

Sue MacGregor | Woman of Today
10-Jul-05: biography, memoir

Rory MacLean | Stalin's Nose
13-Mar-08: travel

Michelle Magorian | A Little Love Song
06-May-08: young adult

Michelle Magorian | Back Home
30-Apr-08: children's

Michelle Magorian | Goodnight Mister Tom
13-Apr-08: children's

Michelle Magorian | Just Henry
10-Apr-08: children's

Gregory Maguire | Wicked
05-Mar-08: young adult

Gregory Maguire | Son of a Witch
06-Mar-08: children's

Gregory Maguire | Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
05-Mar-08: children's

Kenan Malik | Man, Beast and Zombie
29-Oct-04: science

Gautam Malkani | Londonstani
15-Mar-07: fiction, society

Chris Manby | Ready or Not
19-Jul-05: fiction

Chris Manby | Girl Meets Ape
10-Sep-04: romance

Rani Manicka | The Rice Mother
24-Dec-05: fiction

Jill Mansell | The One You Really Want
08-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Jill Mansell | Falling for You
22-Sep-04: romance

Ian Marber | The Food Doctor Diet
31-Aug-04: health and fitness

Richard Marks | Gothic
23-Sep-04: reference

Graham Marks | Radio Radio
27-Nov-04: children's

Hugh Marriott | The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring
14-May-06: family and lifestyle

Edward Marriott | The Plague Race
22-Oct-04: science

Jodie Marsh | Keeping It Real
02-Jul-05: biography

Michael Marshall | The Intruders
30-Mar-08: thriller

James Martin | Great British Dinners
12-Oct-04: food and drink

Rosa Maria Martin, Martyn Ellis | Teach Yourself Your Evening Class : Spanish
23-Aug-08: education

Sarah Mason | High Society
19-Nov-04: fiction, humour

Mark Mason | The C Words
10-Aug-05: fiction

Sarah Mason | The Party Season
15-Oct-04: fiction

Mark Mason | The Catch
04-Oct-04: fiction

Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart | Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega Beasts
26-Apr-07: art, children's

Carole Matthews | For Better For Worse
20-Jun-05: fiction, romance

Carole Matthews | The Sweetest Taboo
23-Jun-05: fiction

Carole Matthews | A Compromising Position
10-Jun-05: fiction

Anna Maxted | Being Committed
03-Feb-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | Tears of the Giraffe
14-Mar-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | Morality for Beautiful Girls
24-Mar-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | The Right Attitude to Rain
26-Oct-06: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
05-Mar-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | The Kalahari Typing School for Men
11-Mar-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | The Full Cupboard of Life
08-Mar-05: fiction

Alexander McCall Smith | The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
08-Mar-05: fiction

Richard McCann | Just A Boy
27-Feb-05: memoir, philosophy, society

Pete McCarthy | The Road to McCarthy
08-Oct-04: humour, travel

Annie McCartney | Your Cheatin' Heart
24-Feb-05: fiction, humour

Geraldine McCaughrean | The Kite Rider
08-Oct-05: children's

Geraldine McCaughrean | Stop the Train
16-Oct-05: children's

Emer McCourt | Elvis, Jesus and Me
02-Oct-04: fiction

Megan McDonald | Stink and the Incredible Supergalactic Jawbreaker
09-Jul-06: children's

Victor K. McElheny | Watson and DNA: Making a Scientific Revolution
25-Oct-04: biography

Anthony McGowan | The Bare Bum Gang and the Football Face-Off
12-Jun-08: children's

Gillian McKeith | You are What you Eat: The Cookbook
01-Apr-05: food and drink

Gillian McKeith | You are What you Eat
30-Mar-05: food and drink, health and fitness

Ron McLarty | The Memory of Running
25-Feb-05: fiction

Coleen McLoughlin | Welcome to My World
04-Feb-08: biography

Richard McMunn | How2become
11-Aug-09: education

Andy McNab | Deep Black
25-May-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Andy McNab | Liberation Day
13-Oct-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Andy McNab | Boy Soldier
26-May-05: children's, fiction

Dennis McNally | A Long, Strange Trip
25-Oct-04: music

Cliff McNish | The Silver Child
24-Sep-04: children's

Geoffrey McSkimming | Cairo Jim on the Trail to Chacha Muchos
14-Jun-06: children's

Ray Mears | Bushcraft Survival
05-May-05: food and drink, health and fitness, sport

David Melling | The Scallywags
23-Sep-06: children's

Charlotte Mendelson | Daughters of Jerusalem
20-Jan-05: fiction

Martin Meredith | Mugabe
29-May-05: history, politics, society

Claire Messud | The Emperor's Children
30-Aug-06: fiction, literature

Robert Meyers | Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
23-Oct-09: reference, science

Ben Mezrich | Breaking Vegas
29-Jun-05: fiction

Ben Mezrich | Ugly Americans
17-Jun-05: fiction

Ben Mezrich | Busting Vegas
22-Jun-05: fiction

Nick Middleton | Surviving Extremes
29-Oct-04: society

China Mieville | Un Lun Dun
01-Feb-07: children's, fantasy

Hugh Miles | Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World
13-Jan-05: politics, society

Judith Miller | Art Nouveau
09-Jan-05: art, reference

Judith Miller | Costume Jewellery
19-Oct-04: reference

Judith Miller | 20th Century Glass
07-Jan-05: reference

Judith Miller | Collectables Price Guide
19-Oct-04: reference

David Miller | Shark Island
23-Mar-09: children's

Judith Miller | Antiques Price Guide
19-Oct-04: reference

Judith Miller | Arts and Crafts
10-Jan-05: art, reference

Judith Miller | DK Antiques Price Guide 2007
31-May-06: reference

Andrew Miller | The Optimists
15-Feb-05: fiction

Arthur I. Miller | Empire of the Stars
02-Mar-05: biography, science

Judith Miller | Buy, Keep or Sell
19-Oct-04: reference

Kyle Mills | Rising Phoenix
08-Jan-06: crime, thriller

Giles Milton | White Gold
20-Sep-04: history

Giles Milton | Samurai William
03-Feb-05: biography, history, society

Alex Milway | The Mousehunter
06-Feb-08: children's

Robert Minhinnick | Poetry Wales: 40 years
05-Aug-05: literature, poetry

David Mitchell | Cloud Atlas
01-Feb-05: fiction

John Mitchinson | The Book of Animal Ignorance
09-Apr-08: education, humour, science

Rana Mitter | Modern China: A Very Short Introduction
23-Mar-08: history, politics, travel

Rick Mofina | Six Seconds
19-Apr-09: thriller

Deborah Moggach | These Foolish Things
14-Feb-05: fiction

Michael Molloy | Time Witches
12-Nov-04: children's

Trevor Montague | An A-Z of Almost Everything
24-Oct-04: reference

Santa Montefiore | The Swallow and the Hummingbird
24-Nov-04: fiction

Santa Montefiore | The Gypsy Madonna
08-Aug-06: fiction

Santa Montefiore | The Butterfly Box
07-Nov-05: fiction

Santa Montefiore | Last Voyage of the Valentina
03-Nov-05: fiction

Santa Montefiore | Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree
04-Jan-05: fiction

Santa Montefiore | The Forget-Me-Not-Sonata
22-Nov-05: fiction

Jane Moore | Fourplay
09-Nov-04: fiction

Tina Moore | Bobby Moore
10-Sep-05: biography, sport

Jane Moore | The Ex Files
04-Nov-04: fiction

Geoffrey Moorehouse | The Pilgrimage of Grace
21-Oct-04: history

Piers Morgan | The Insider
06-Apr-05: biography

Sinead Moriarty | A Perfect Match
15-Sep-05: fiction

R.N. Morris | A Vengeful Longing
05-Apr-08: fiction

R.N. Morris | A Gentle Axe
06-Apr-08: fiction

Lennox Morrison | Second Chance Tuesday
16-Sep-04: fiction

Blake Morrison | Things My Mother Never Told Me
19-Oct-04: biography

Kate Mosse | Labyrinth
07-Jul-05: fiction

Pamela Mountbatten | India Remembered
06-Jul-07: biography, history, memoir, politics, society

Jojo Moyes | The Ship of Brides
17-Feb-06: fiction

John Mullan | How Novels Work
13-Jun-08: literature

Barbara Nadel | Harem
09-Sep-04: crime

Barbara Nadel | Petrified
10-Sep-04: crime

Daljit Nagra | Look We Have Coming to Dover!
02-Mar-08: poetry

Preethi Nair | 100 Shades of White
07-Sep-04: fiction

Kasra Naji | Ahmadinejad
14-Mar-08: biography, politics

Fernando Napolitano | Megacommunities
30-Sep-07: business

James Naughtie | The Rivals
26-Nov-04: politics

Patrick Neate | London Pigeon Wars
18-Oct-04: fiction

Robert Newman | The Fountain at the Centre of the World
27-Oct-04: fiction

David Nicholls | The Understudy
29-Mar-06: fiction

Christopher Nicholson | The Fattest Man in America
22-Jan-05: fiction

William Nicholson | Noman
15-Jun-07: children's, young adult

Audrey Niffenegger | The Time Traveler's Wife
06-Jun-05: fiction

Audrey Niffenegger | The Three Incestuous Sisters
26-Jul-06: fiction

Jenny Nimmo | Charlie Bone and the Hidden King
23-Mar-06: children's

Elizabeth Noble | The Tenko Club
04-Feb-05: fiction

Jeff Noon | Falling Out of Cars
12-Oct-04: fiction

Freya North | Love Rules
07-Feb-05: fiction

Joseph O'Connor | Star of the Sea
14-Sep-04: fiction

Maggie O'Farrell | The Distance Between Us
08-Feb-05: fiction

Sheila O'Flanagan | Maggie's Story
08-Nov-05: children's, fiction

Sheila O'Flanagan | Isobel's Wedding
02-Nov-05: fiction

Sheila O'Flanagan | Anyone But Him
02-Feb-05: fiction

Sheila O'Flanagan | Suddenly Single
08-Nov-05: fiction

Sheila O'Flanagan | How Will I Know?
17-Oct-05: fiction

Andrew O'Hagan | Be Near Me
18-Sep-06: fiction, literature

Redmond O'Hanlon | Trawler
18-Oct-04: memoir

Kathleen O'Malley | Childhood Interrupted
06-Nov-05: biography, memoir

Gilda O'Neill | Sins of Their Fathers
30-Aug-05: crime, fiction

John Oaksey | Mince Pie for Starters
20-Oct-04: biography

Ben Okri | In Arcadia
29-Nov-04: fiction

Rageh Omaar | Revolution Day
11-Sep-04: history, memoir, politics

Christopher Ondaatje | Hemingway in Africa
08-Jul-05: biography, literature, poetry

Susie Orbach | Susie Orbach on Eating
11-Jan-05: food and drink, health and fitness, philosophy

Ruth Padel | Tigers In Red Weather
22-Apr-05: poetry, travel

Philip Palmer | Debatable Space
08-Mar-08: science fiction

Mike Palmer | Eddystone: Finger of Light
04-May-05: history

Guy Parker-Rees | All Afloat on Noah's Boat
23-Sep-06: children's

John C. Parkin | Fuck It. The Ultimate Spiritual Way
23-Mar-08: body mind and spirit

Michael Parkinson | Michael Parkinson on Cricket
22-Mar-05: sport

Adele Parks | Husbands
03-Jul-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Game Over
26-Jul-05: fiction

Adele Parks | Other Woman's Shoes
06-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Larger than Life
12-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Playing Away
08-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Still Thinking of You
05-Sep-05: fiction

Anthony John Patrick Kenny | Philosophy in the Modern World: A New History of Western Philosophy
07-Jul-08: philosophy

James Patterson | Cross
28-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | 4th of July
25-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | The Jester
28-Aug-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Maximum Ride
02-May-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Lifeguard
29-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Beach Road
25-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Judge and Jury
24-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Four Blind Mice
13-Oct-04: crime, thriller

James Patterson | Mary Mary
02-May-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Michelle Paver | A Place In The Hills
30-May-05: fiction

Michelle Paver | Wolf Brother
09-Feb-05: children's, fiction

Sara Payne | A Mother's Story
04-Apr-05: biography

Christopher Peachment | The Green and the Gold
24-Sep-04: fiction

Lesley Pearse | Secrets
28-Mar-05: romance

Lesley Pearse | Remember Me
16-Oct-04: romance

Alison Pearson | I Don't Know How She Does It
23-Oct-04: fiction

Harry Pearson | Around the World by Mouse
13-Aug-05: travel

Mal Peet | The Penalty
26-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Mal Peet | Tamar
26-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Dave Pelzer | Help Yourself
21-Sep-04: philosophy

Dave Pelzer | The Lost Boy
17-Sep-04: biography

Richard B. Pelzer | A Brother's Journey
15-Feb-05: biography, society

Dave Pelzer | A Child called It
31-Aug-04: memoir

Dave Pelzer | A Man Named Dave
16-Sep-04: biography

Dave Pelzer | Privilege of Youth
19-Oct-04: biography

Dave Pelzer | Life Lessons
28-Sep-04: society

Marisha Pessl | Special Topics in Calamity Physics
06-Sep-06: fiction

Ben Pester | Through the Land of Fire
02-May-05: biography, history, travel

Holly Peterson | The Manny
01-Mar-07: fiction, romance

Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux | Introduction to Banking
29-Apr-07: business, education, text book

Gervase Phinn | Head Over Heels in the Dales
21-Oct-04: biography

Jodi Picoult | Vanishing Acts
24-Apr-05: fiction

Jodi Picoult | My Sister's Keeper
23-Apr-05: fiction

David Pirie | A New Heritage of Horror
09-Mar-08: history, horror

Marcia Pirie | Travellers on a Trade Wind
29-Apr-05: biography, travel

Ben Polis | Only a Mother Could Love Him
25-Feb-06: biography, family and lifestyle, science

Steven Poole | Unspeak
19-Feb-06: philosophy, politics, society

Benjamin Prado | Not Only Fire
15-Nov-04: fiction

Terry Pratchett | A Hat Full of Sky
31-Aug-04: children's, humour

Terry Pratchett | The Wee Free Men
31-Aug-04: children's, humour

Terry Pratchett | Wintersmith
15-Mar-07: children's, fantasy, young adult

Peter Prince | Adam Runaway
30-Oct-05: fiction

Sally Prue | The Devil''s Toenail
16-May-05: children's

Philip Pullman | John Milton's Paradise Lost
11-May-05: literature, poetry

Philip Pullman | Lyra's Oxford
06-Oct-04: children's

Philip Pullman | Once Upon a Time in the North
25-Mar-08: children's

Andrew Pyper | The Trade Mission
19-May-05: crime, fiction

Sheila Quigley | Run for Home
11-Apr-05: crime

Sheila Quigley | Bad Moon Rising
11-Apr-05: crime

Jonathan Rabb | Rosa
31-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Robert Radcliffe | Upon Dark Waters
28-Sep-04: fiction

Tariq Ramadan | Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation
05-Jun-09: philosophy, politics

Tariq Ramadan | What I Believe
26-Jun-09: philosophy

Will Randall | Indian Summer
12-Sep-04: memoir, travel

Will Randall | Botswana Time
08-Jun-05: memoir, travel

Ian Rankin | Rebus's Scotland
17-Sep-05: fiction, history, literature

Ian Rankin | Resurrection Men
18-May-05: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | The Naming of the Dead
20-Mar-07: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | Watchman
01-Oct-04: crime

Ian Rankin | Fleshmarket Close
29-Sep-04: crime

Ian Rankin | The Flood
18-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | A Question of Blood
06-Oct-04: crime

Eric Rasmussen | RSC Shakespeare
12-Aug-09: Drama, education, literature

Catherine Rayner | Harris Finds His Feet
26-Jun-09: children's

Piers Paul Read | Alec Guinness
12-Nov-04: biography

Glyn Redworth | The She-Apostle
18-Aug-08: history

Laurence Rees | The Nazis
20-Jun-06: history, politics

Matt Rees | The Bethlehem Murders
04-Mar-08: fiction

Gwyneth Rees | My Mum's from Planet Pluto
10-Sep-04: children's

Celia Rees | Pirates
24-Sep-04: children's

Laurence Rees | Auschwitz
17-Jun-06: history

Matt Rees | The Saladin Murders
12-Apr-08: fiction

Lesley Regan | Your Pregnancy Week by Week
06-Jan-05: health and fitness

Kathy Reichs | Fatal Voyage
15-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Cross Bones
02-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Monday Mourning
03-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Bare Bones
16-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Matthew Reilly | Seven Ancient Wonders
11-Mar-06: fiction, thriller

Tina Reilly | Something Borrowed
16-Sep-04: humour

Griff Rhys Jones | To the Baltic with Bob
06-Oct-04: humour, travel

Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard Whittington | Exploring Corporate Strategy 8th Edition
24-Jun-07: business, education, text book

Julian Richards | Stonehenge: A History in Photographs
29-Sep-04: history

Phil Rickman | The Remains of an Altar
14-Aug-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Angela Rippon | Fabulous at 50 and Beyond
28-Sep-04: health and fitness

Ivar Rivenaes | Those Who Leave
03-Mar-05: fiction

Nora Roberts | High Noon
16-Jun-07: fiction

Michele Roberts | Reader, I Married Him
10-Feb-05: fiction

Matt Roberts | The PHA Workout
05-Jan-05: health and fitness

Nora Roberts | Angels Fall
16-Jun-07: fiction, romance

Gregory David Roberts | Shantaram
31-Aug-04: fiction

Matt Roberts | Fitness for Life
20-Sep-04: health and fitness

Douglas Robertson | The Last Voyage of the Lucette
30-Apr-05: biography, sport, travel

Celia Robertson | Who Was Sophie?
08-Apr-08: biography, memoir

Tony Robinson | Archaeology is Rubbish
25-Nov-04: history

Jancis Robinson | The World Atlas of Wine
06-Sep-07: food and drink

Stephen Robinson | The Remarkable Lives of Bill Deedes
30-Mar-08: biography

Peter Robinson | Aftermath
16-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Andrew Robinson | Sudden Genius?
28-Sep-10: biography, history, science

Peter Robinson | The Summer That Never Was
19-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Michael Robotham | The Suspect
04-Feb-05: fiction, thriller

Michael Robotham | Lost
14-May-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jane Rogers | The Voyage Home
20-Sep-04: fiction

Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray | River Cafe Two Easy
10-May-05: food and drink

Meg Rosoff | Just In Case
23-May-06: children's, fiction

Meg Rosoff | Meet Wild Boars
23-Jul-05: children's, humour

Meg Rosoff | How I Live Now
19-Jul-05: children's

Jonathan Rourke | Shriver and Atkins' Inorganic Chemistry
15-Nov-09: reference, science, text book

Bernice Rubens | Nine Lives
18-Sep-04: crime

Brent Runyan | The Burn Journals
01-Jul-05: biography

Edward Rutherfurd | Dublin
12-Sep-04: fiction

Chris Ryan | Blackout
21-Sep-05: fiction

Robert Ryan | The Blue Noon
16-Nov-04: fiction

Robert Ryan | Night Crossing
31-Aug-04: crime, fiction, history

Robert Ryan | The Last Sunrise
27-Jul-06: fiction, thriller

Robert Ryan | Early One Morning
17-Nov-04: fiction

Chris Ryan | Wildfire
09-Nov-06: children's, fiction

Robert Ryan | After Midnight
27-Oct-05: fiction

Robert Ryan | Dying Day
16-Apr-08: fiction

Karl Sabbagh | Remembering Childhood
02-Feb-09: education, family and lifestyle, science, society

S F Said | The Outlaw Varjak Paw
30-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Dominic Sandbrook | Eugene McCarthy
20-Apr-05: biography, history

Dominic Sandbrook | Never Had It So Good
18-Apr-05: history, philosophy, politics, society

Jonathan Santlofer | The Killing Art
22-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jonathan Santlofer | Color Blind
22-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jonathan Santlofer | The Death Artist
17-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Laura Santtini | Easy Tasty Italian
08-Jul-09: food and drink

Mark Saunders | Research Methods for Business Students (4th Edition)
27-Feb-07: business, education, text book

Steven Saylor | Roma
17-Mar-07: fiction, history

Gerald Scarfe | Drawing Blood
11-Sep-05: art, humour, politics, society

Simon Scarrow | The Generals
07-Jun-07: fiction, history

Simon Schama | Simon Schama's Power of Art
30-Aug-06: art

Eric Schlosser | Reefer Madness
19-Oct-04: society

Eric Schlosser | Fast Food Nation
14-Sep-04: food and drink, history, politics

Ben Schott | Schott's Original Miscellany
23-Nov-04: reference

Lisa Scottoline | Dirty Blonde
27-Sep-06: crime, thriller

Anne Sebba | American Jennie
19-Oct-07: biography

David Sedaris | Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
31-Aug-04: humour

Asne Seierstad | The Bookseller of Kabul
11-Oct-04: biography, history

Asne Seierstad | A Hundred and One Days
15-Dec-04: history, memoir, society

Asne Seierstad | Angel of Grozny
03-Mar-08: memoir, politics, travel

Vikram Seth | Two Lives
28-Jun-05: history, memoir

Christopher Severn | Smeaton's Tower
01-May-05: history

Gerald Seymour | The Unknown Soldier
04-Sep-04: thriller

Gerald Seymour | The Untouchable
24-Jun-05: crime, fiction

Gerald Seymour | Traitor's Kiss
21-Sep-04: thriller

Miranda Seymour | The Bugatti Queen
10-Sep-04: biography

Darren Shan | Cirque Du Freak
15-Nov-05: children's, horror

Darren Shan | Allies of the Night
03-Jan-05: children's, horror

Darren Shan | The Lake of Souls
11-Sep-04: children's, horror

Zoe Sharp | Second Shot
28-Apr-08: thriller

Rebecca Shaw | Country Passions
21-Mar-05: fiction

Rebecca Shaw | Whispers in the Village
01-Mar-05: fiction

Peter Sheridan | 47 Roses
25-Nov-04: memoir

Ned Sherrin | The Autobiography
19-Sep-05: biography

Anita Shreve | Light on Snow
19-Nov-04: fiction

Lionel Shriver | We Need to Talk about Kevin
27-Jan-06: biography, fiction, society

GJH Sibson | Single White Failure
10-Feb-07: fiction

James Siegel | Detour
31-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

James Siegel | Deceit
01-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Siegel | Derailed
02-Oct-04: thriller

William Sieghart | The Swing Factory
21-Sep-04: sport

Shelley Silas | 12 Days
26-Dec-04: fiction

Adam Silverstein | Islamic History : A Very Short Introduction
11-Nov-09: history, philosophy, politics

Francesca Simon | Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb
10-Dec-04: children's, humour

Francesca Simon | Horrid Henry's Underpants
05-Nov-04: children's

Francesca Simon | Helping Hercules
20-Oct-04: children's

John Simpson | News from No Man's Land
29-Oct-04: biography

David Simpson | Kew Bulletin
24-Sep-09: science

Craig Simpson | Special Operations: Dogfight
14-Jun-08: young adult

Nicky Singer | Gem X
22-Sep-06: fiction

Robert Skidelsky | John Maynard Keynes
15-Oct-04: biography

Nigel Slack | Operations Management
13-Nov-06: business, education, text book

Karin Slaughter | A Faint Cold Fear
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | Blindsighted
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | Kisscut
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | Faithless
08-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Carolyn Slaughter | A Black Englishman
22-Jan-06: fiction

Karin Slaughter | Indelible
08-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Annie Sloan | Creating the French Look
22-Apr-08: home and garden

Gillian Slovo | Ice Road
13-Sep-04: fiction

Stephen Smith | Underground London
10-Sep-04: history, society, travel

M.M. Smith | Servants
14-May-08: children's

Carol Smith | Kensington Court
03-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Carol Smith | Hidden Agenda
04-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Carol Smith | Home from Home
03-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Wilbur Smith | Blue Horizon
03-Sep-04: fiction

Wilbur Smith | Triumph of the Sun
03-Apr-05: fiction

Carol Smith | Vanishing Point
18-Aug-05: fiction

Denis Smyth | Deathly Deception: The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat
22-Jun-10: history

Alan Sokal | Beyond the Hoax
07-Apr-08: politics, science

Alan Sokal | Intellectual Impostures
18-Apr-08: science

Penny Sparke | The Genius of Design
28-Jun-09: art, history, home and garden

Nicholas Sparks | Message in a Bottle
05-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Notebook
04-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Guardian
11-Nov-04: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | A Bend in the Road
02-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Wedding
31-May-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | A Walk to Remember
06-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | Nights in Rodanthe
05-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Rescue
03-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | At First Sight
04-Nov-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | True Believer
31-May-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | Three Weeks with My Brother
27-May-05: biography, memoir

Nigel Spivey | The Ancient Olympics
12-Sep-04: history

Lisa St Aubin de Teran | Otto
05-Feb-05: fiction

Lisa St Aubin de Teran | Memory Maps
08-Nov-04: biography

Will Staeger | Painkiller
06-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

David Stafford | Ten Days to D-Day
25-Oct-04: history

Peter Stanford | Heaven: A Traveller's Guide to the Undiscovered Country
29-Nov-04: philosophy, society

Boris Starling | Vodka
19-Oct-04: thriller

Jonathan Steele | Defeat
03-Jun-08: history, politics

Dugald Steer | The Dragon's Eye
16-Dec-06: children's

Rick Stein | Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
15-Jul-09: food and drink, travel

Jonathan Steinberg | Bismarck: A Life
29-Aug-10: history

Talitha Stevenson | Exposure
26-Feb-05: fiction

Lisa Stickley | Made at Home
03-Aug-10: art, family and lifestyle, home and garden, lifestyle

Francine Stock | Man Made Fibre
22-Oct-04: fiction

Julian Stockwin | Tenacious
22-May-06: fiction, thriller

Gerry Stoker | Why Politics Matters
21-Jun-06: education, politics, society

Frances Stonor Saunders | Hawkwood: Diabolical Englishman
03-Nov-04: biography

Miriam Stoppard | Defying Age
29-Sep-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | First Time Parents
06-Oct-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Baby's First Skills
04-Jan-05: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
19-Oct-04: reference

Miriam Stoppard | Baby and Child Healthcare
07-Oct-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Family Health Guide
08-Oct-04: health and fitness

Dorrik Stow | Vanished Ocean
23-Nov-09: environment, history, science

Bernadette Strachan | The Reluctant Landlady
11-Jan-06: fiction

Paul Strathern | The Medici
18-Oct-04: history

John Strelecky | The Why Are You Here Cafe
28-Jun-06: family and lifestyle, philosophy, society

John Strelecky | The Why Cafe
02-Jul-06: family and lifestyle, philosophy, society

Jonathan Stroud | Ptolemy's Gate
22-Jul-06: children's, fiction

James Surowiecki | The Wisdom of Crowds
31-Aug-04: philosophy, politics

Matthew Sweet | Inventing the Victorians
29-Nov-04: history

Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Fooled by Randomness
23-Nov-04: business

Deborah Tannen | You're Wearing That?
01-Jun-06: family and lifestyle

Deborah Tannen | I Only Say This Because I Love You
08-Mar-05: society

Kathleen Taylor | Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control
26-Jun-08: education, philosophy, science, society

David Taylor | The Naked Leader
16-Sep-04: business

Jeremy Taylor | Not a Chimp
09-Jun-09: science

Andrew Taylor | The American Boy
26-Oct-04: fiction

David Taylor | Naked Leader Experience
19-Oct-04: society

Kathleen Taylor | Cruelty
10-Nov-08: science, society

Barbara Taylor Bradford | Unexpected Blessings
05-Jul-05: fiction, romance

Barbara Taylor Bradford | A Woman of Substance
19-Jun-05: fiction, romance

Barbara Taylor Bradford | The Woman of Substance
05-Jul-05: biography, memoir

Barbara Taylor Bradford | To Be The Best
04-Jul-05: fiction, romance

Barbara Taylor Bradford | Emma's Secret
15-Jun-05: fiction, romance

Barbara Taylor Bradford | Just Rewards
12-Jun-05: fiction, romance

Barbara Taylor Bradford | Hold The Dream
05-Jul-05: fiction, romance

Emilia Terragni (ed.) | The Silver Spoon
03-Apr-06: food and drink

Kathleen Tessaro | Elegance
31-Aug-04: fiction

Kathleen Tessaro | Innocence
13-Jan-06: fiction

Rosie Thomas | Border Crossing
15-Jun-05: memoir, sport, travel

Rosie Thomas | Sun at Midnight
13-Jun-05: fiction, romance

Keith Thomas | The Ends of Life
17-Jan-09: history

Nicholas Thomas | Discoveries
01-Dec-04: history

Julian Thompson | 3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands
17-Apr-08: history

Julian Thompson | The War at Sea 1914-1918
01-May-08: history

Rupert Thomson | Divided Kingdom
13-Jun-05: fiction

Emma Thomson | Isabellas Toybox
28-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Peninah Thomson | Women and the New Business Leadership
21-Mar-11: business

Emma Thomson | Felicity Wishes Pop up Fairy House
28-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Alan Titchmarsh | The Complete How to be a Gardener
14-Apr-05: reference

Alan Titchmarsh | The Last Lighthouse Keeper
14-Apr-05: fiction

Alan Titchmarsh | Royal Gardeners
14-Apr-05: history

Alan Titchmarsh | Mr. MacGregor
12-Apr-05: fiction

Alan Titchmarsh | Trowel and Error
15-Apr-05: biography

Alan Titchmarsh | Animal Instincts
14-Apr-05: fiction

Alan Titchmarsh | British Isles: A Natural History
14-Apr-05: history, science

Alan Titchmarsh | Only Dad
13-Apr-05: fiction

Alan Titchmarsh | Love and Dr Devon
24-Jul-06: fiction, romance

Alan Titchmarsh | Rosie
12-Apr-05: fiction

Sandi Toksvig | The Travels of Lady Bulldog Burton
04-Jan-05: humour

Penny Tolson | Ready made lessons for pupils with Dyslexic Type Difficulties
03-May-05: children's, reference

Alexandra Tolstoy | The Last Secrets of the Silk Road
27-Sep-04: travel

Ricky Tomlinson | Ricky
20-Oct-04: biography

John Torode | John Torode's Beef
07-Sep-08: food and drink

P.J. Tracy | Want to Play?
16-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

P.J. Tracy | Dead Run
14-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

P.J. Tracy | Live Bait
18-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Barbara Trapido | Frankie and Stankie
07-Jan-05: fiction

Isabella Tree | Sliced Iguana
22-Apr-08: travel

Isabella Tree | The Bird Man
29-Apr-08: biography

Rose Tremain | The Colour
20-Nov-04: fiction

Jonathan Trigell | Cham
08-Mar-08: fiction

Jonathan Trigell | Boy A
08-Mar-08: fiction

Adriana Trigiani | Rococo
16-Sep-05: fiction

Adriana Trigiani | Lucia, Lucia
12-Sep-04: fiction, romance

Joanna Trollope | Second Honeymoon
05-Jan-07: fiction

Lynne Truss | Eats, Shoots and Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!
17-Sep-06: children's

Lynne Truss | Eats, Shoots and Leaves
02-Sep-04: reference

Colin Turner | The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu
07-Oct-04: business

Barry Turner | The Screenwriter's Handbook
08-Jul-09: reference

Barry Turner | The Writer's Handbook 2010
07-Jul-09: reference

James Twining | The Gilded Seal
06-Apr-08: fiction

Eleanor Updale | Montmorency
26-Nov-04: children's

Mark Urban | Fusiliers
19-Jan-08: fiction, history

Marguerite Van Geldermalsen | Married to a Bedouin
11-Oct-06: biography, society

Michael van Straten | The Healthy Jewish Cookbook
28-Mar-06: food and drink

Jennifer Vanderbes | Easter Island
26-Oct-04: fiction

Guy Vanderhaege | Last Crossing
20-Oct-04: fiction

Jane Elizabeth Varley | Wives and Lovers
19-Oct-04: fiction

Vlatko Vedral | Decoding Reality
21-Oct-09: science

Jo Verity | Everything in the Garden
28-Jul-05: fiction

Mark Vernon | The Meaning of Friendship
06-Mar-10: family and lifestyle, philosophy

Roland Vernon | A Dark Enchantment
08-Feb-08: fiction

Salley Vickers | Instances of the Number 3
09-Nov-04: fiction

Salley Vickers | Mr. Golightly's Holiday
08-Nov-04: fiction

Salley Vickers | Miss Garnet's Angel
05-Nov-04: fiction

Terry Victor | The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (UK)
11-Oct-04: reference

Penny Vincenzi | Into Temptation
21-Sep-07: fiction

Doreen Virtue | Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
23-Jun-06: occult

Doreen Virtue | Daily Guidance from Your Angels
02-Jun-06: occult

Ned Vizzini | Be More Chill
30-Aug-04: children's

Martyn Waites | Bone Machine
15-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | The White Room
16-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | The Mercy Seat
15-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | Born Under Punches
15-Mar-08: crime

Lou Wakefield | Rural Bliss
06-Jan-06: fiction

Maurice Walsh | The News from Ireland
16-Jun-08: history

John Walsh | Are You Talking to Me?
26-Nov-04: memoir

Minette Walters | Fox Evil
24-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Minette Walters | Disordered Minds
05-Sep-04: crime

Nigel Warburton | Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction
06-Jun-09: philosophy

Nigel Warburton | Philosophy Bites
28-May-10: philosophy

Marcus Wareing | The Cook's Book
29-Jul-05: food and drink

Marina Warner | Signs and Wonders
08-Nov-04: society

Felicity Warner | Gentle Dying
14-Apr-08: body mind and spirit

Lynda Waterhouse | The Sand Dancers Let The Dance Begin
13-Mar-09: children's

Sarah Waters | The Night Watch
05-Oct-05: fiction

Sarah Waters | Fingersmith
05-Jan-05: fiction

Keith Watson | Rough Justice
28-Sep-07: Drama, fiction

Molly Watson | In the Pink
05-Apr-05: biography

Thomas Weber | Hitler's First War
20-Aug-10: history

Fay Weldon | Auto Da Fay
08-Sep-04: biography

Fay Weldon | Mantrapped
29-Aug-04: fiction

Sue Welfare | Fallen Women
25-Mar-05: fiction

Spencer Wells | Journey of Man
15-Oct-04: science

Stanley Wells | Shakespeare, Sex, and Love
16-Nov-09: Drama, education, literature, poetry

John Welshman | Churchill's Children
12-Feb-10: history

Scott Westerfeld | Midnighters
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

Scott Westerfeld | Parasite Positive
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

Scott Westerfeld | The Last Days
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

Francis Wheen | How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World
08-Oct-04: society

Nicey and Wifey | Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
31-Aug-04: humour

Anthony Wild | Coffee: A Dark History
28-May-05: fiction, food and drink, history, politics, society

Philip Wilkinson | Restoration
28-Sep-04: reference

Toyah Willcox | Diary of a Facelift
19-Mar-05: biography

Marcia Williams | Charles Dickens and Friends
14-Dec-04: children's

Polly Williams | The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy
07-Oct-05: fiction

Rowan Williams | Crisis and Recovery
17-Aug-10: business, economics, philosophy

Gareth Williams | Angel of Death
26-Mar-10: history, science

Charlotte Williams | Sugar and Slate
01-Aug-05: history, politics, society

Jeanne Willis | Who's in the Loo?
26-Jun-06: children's

Ian Wilmut | After Dolly
04-Jul-06: science

Jacqueline Wilson | Midnight
03-Sep-04: children's

Jacqueline Wilson | Girls in Tears
29-Nov-04: children's

A.N, Wilson | Iris Murdoch
21-Oct-04: biography

Robert Wilson | The Silent and the Damned
19-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Robert Wilson | A Small Death in Lisbon
20-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Jacqueline Wilson | Best Friends
18-Feb-05: children's

A.N. Wilson | The Victorians
21-Oct-04: history

Jacqueline Wilson | Clean Break
12-Feb-05: children's, fiction

Jacqueline Wilson | The Diamond Girls
21-Feb-05: children's

Robert Wilson | The Hidden Assassins
21-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Matthew Wilson | Making a Garden
31-Aug-09: home and garden

Robert Wilson | The Blind Man of Seville
17-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Jane Wilson-Howarth | How to Shit Around the World
14-Dec-08: health and fitness, travel

Simon Winchester | The Surgeon of Crowthorne
08-Sep-04: biography, history

Simon Winchester | The Map that Changed the World
17-May-05: history, science

Simon Winchester | Krakatoa
09-Jan-05: history

Simon Winchester | The Meaning of Everything
10-Oct-04: history, reference

Robert Winder | Bloody Foreigners
15-Sep-04: history, society

Robert Winston | The Human Mind
28-Sep-04: science

Naomi Wolf | The Treehouse
07-Feb-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Isabel Wolff | A Question of Love
23-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Isabel Wolff | Rescuing Rose
24-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Isabel Wolff | Behaving Badly
24-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Frances Wood | Hand Grenade Practice in Peking
22-Nov-04: biography

Deborah Wright | Under My Spell
10-Sep-04: romance

Ann Wroe | Perkin
06-Oct-04: biography, history

Duncan Wu | William Hazlitt: The First Modern Man
01-Jul-08: biography

Diana Wynne Jones | The Merlin Conspiracy
07-Dec-04: children's, fiction

Xinran Xue | The Good Women of China
06-Oct-04: society

Adeline Yen Mah | A Thousand Pieces of Gold
22-Nov-04: history

Walter Yetnikoff | Howling at the Moon
16-Sep-04: biography

Toby Young | How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
18-Jun-06: biography, humour

Robyn Young | Brethren
14-Jun-06: fiction, history

Toby Young | The Sound of No Hands Clapping
30-May-06: biography, memoir

Rachel Zadok | Gem Squash Tokoloshe
25-Aug-05: fiction

Xiaolan Zhao | Traditional Chinese Medicine For Women
13-Sep-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Aldo Zilli | The Zilli Cookbook
18-Oct-04: food and drink

Richard Zimler | The Search for Sana
23-Feb-05: fiction

Markus Zusak | The Book Thief
02-Nov-06: fiction

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