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Julian Baggini | Atheism
23-Sep-04: philosophy

Tilly Bagshawe | Adored
24-Aug-05: fiction

Rita Bailey | Destination Profit
27-Mar-06: business

Jane Bailey | Tommy Glover's Sketch of Heaven
19-Feb-05: fiction

Beryl Bainbridge | According to Queeney
23-Nov-04: fiction

Joan Bakewell | The Centre of the Bed
29-Nov-04: biography

David Baldacci | Simple Genius
09-Jul-07: fiction, thriller

Peter Baldwin | The Narcissism of Minor Differences
20-Nov-09: society

Iain M. Banks | Matter
27-Feb-08: science fiction

Iain Banks | The Steep Approach to Garbadale
30-Nov-06: fiction

Iain M. Banks | The Algebraist
01-Dec-06: fiction, science fiction

Alex Barclay | Darkhouse
22-Jul-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Juliet Barker | The Brontes
22-Sep-05: biography, history, literature

Juliet Barker | Wordsworth
24-Sep-05: biography, poetry

Juliet Barker | Agincourt
22-Sep-05: history

Zoe Barnes | Be My Baby
09-May-06: fiction, romance

Adam Baron | Shut Eye
28-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Adam Baron | It Was You
21-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Neil Barrett | Traces of Guilt
21-Sep-04: crime

Lynne Barrett-Lee | One Day, Someday
28-Dec-05: fiction, romance

John Barrowman | Anything Goes
13-Feb-08: biography

Jonathan Bate | William Shakespeare Complete Works
13-Dec-06: education, literature

Jonathan Bate | English Literarture : A Very Short Introduction
19-Apr-10: literature

Jonathan Bate | The RSC Shakespeare Plays
10-Apr-10: Drama

Jonathan Bate | John Clare
21-Oct-04: biography

Nick Bates | With a Pinch of Salt
16-Jan-06: history, humour, travel

Susannah Bates | All About Laura
11-Jan-05: fiction, romance

John Batt | Stolen Innocence
08-Aug-05: biography, family and lifestyle, politics, society

Robert Bauval | Talisman
04-Sep-04: history, philosophy

Peter Bazalgette | Billion Dollar Game
23-Apr-05: biography, business

Ishmael Beah | A Long Way Gone
29-Jan-08: memoir

Sally Beauman | Rebecca's Tale
13-Oct-04: fiction

Sally Beauman | The Landscape of Love
08-Oct-04: fiction

Frank Beddor | Seeing Redd : The Looking Glass Wars
08-Oct-07: children's

Antony Beevor | The Fall of Berlin 1945
22-Nov-04: history

Julia Bell | Dirty Work
21-Jan-07: children's

Martin Bell | Through Gates of Fire
10-Sep-04: memoir, philosophy, politics

David Bellamy | Jolly Green Giant
23-Sep-04: memoir

J.C. Bemis | The Mystifying Medicine Show
25-Apr-09: children's

Daniel Ben-Ami | Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress
06-Jun-10: economics, politics, society

Pascale Smets & Benedicte Newman | And God created the Au Pair
12-Apr-05: biography

Marina Benjamin | Rocket Dreams
26-Oct-04: science

Francis Bennett | Doctor Berlin
20-Apr-05: fiction

John Berendt | The City of Falling Angels
18-Nov-05: fiction, travel

John Berendt | Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
28-Nov-05: fiction

Karan Bilimoria | Bottled for Business
07-Jun-07: business

Mark Billingham | The Burning Girl
08-Sep-04: crime

Mark Billingham | Lazybones
24-Sep-04: thriller

Mark Billingham | Scaredy Cat
07-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Mark Billingham | In the Dark
02-Jun-08: thriller

Mark Billingham | Lifeless
22-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Mark Billingham | Sleepyhead
28-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Maeve Binchy | Nights of Rain and Stars
21-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Tim Binding | Man Overboard
29-Jun-05: fiction

Charlotte Bingham | The Wind Off the Sea
16-Jan-05: fiction, romance

T.J. Binyon | Pushkin: A Biography
29-Oct-04: biography

Dinah Birch | The Oxford Companion to English Literature
18-Sep-09: literature, reference

Julia Blackburn | Old Man Goya
19-Oct-04: art, biography

Malorie Blackman | Checkmate
29-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Malorie Blackman | Noughts and Crosses
28-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Susan Blackmore | The Meme Machine
15-Oct-04: science

Brenda Blethyn | Mixed Fancies
29-Jul-06: biography, memoir

Clive Bloom | Bestsellers: Popular Fiction Since 1900
11-Feb-06: reference

Lawrence E. Blume | The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
17-Mar-08: reference

Anna Blundy | The Bad News Bible
10-Sep-04: fiction

David Bodanis | E=mc2
10-Nov-04: science

David Bodanis | Passionate Minds
22-Mar-06: biography, history

David Bodanis | The Electric Universe
10-Nov-04: science

Elleke Boehmer | Mandela: A Very Short Introduction
23-Jun-08: history, politics, reference, society

Jennie Bond | Reporting Royalty
27-Sep-04: memoir

Charley Boorman | Race to Dakar
11-Aug-06: biography, memoir, sport

Charley Boorman | Long Way Round
14-Aug-06: biography, memoir, travel

R.J.B. Bosworth | Mussolini
28-Dec-04: biography, history

Jeremy Bowen | Six Days
12-Sep-04: history

Tim Bowler | Blade
27-Apr-08: children's

Claire Boylan | Beloved Stranger
05-Jul-05: fiction

Claire Boylan | Emma Brown
21-Jun-05: fiction

Tom Bradby | The White Russian
11-Sep-04: crime, fiction

Tom Bradby | The Master of Rain
23-Sep-04: thriller

Melvyn Bragg | The Adventure of English
24-Sep-04: history

Martin Brasier | Darwin's Lost World
25-Nov-08: science

Celia Brayfield | Mr. Fabulous and Friends
05-Nov-04: fiction

Ian Bremmer | The Fat Tail
23-Nov-08: business

Simon Brett | The Torso in the Town
14-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Simon Briggs | Stiff Upper Lips and Baggy Green Caps
11-Oct-06: sport

John Brindley | The Rule of Claw
17-Sep-09: young adult

William Brodrick | The Gardens of the Dead
21-Mar-06: fiction

Clive Bromhall | The Eternal Child
23-Dec-04: science

Amanda Brookfield | Life Begins
23-Apr-08: fiction

Christopher Brookmyre | A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil
07-Jun-06: crime, fiction, humour

Christopher Brookmyre | Boiling a Frog
20-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye
13-May-05: fiction

Christopher Brookmyre | Be My Enemy
10-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | Quite Ugly One Morning
06-Sep-04: crime

Christopher Brookmyre | A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away
20-Sep-04: crime

Anthony Browne | The Shape Game
07-Jan-05: children's

Chuck Brymer | The Nature of Marketing
27-Nov-08: business

Bill Bryson | Notes from a Small Island
19-Oct-04: travel

Bill Bryson | Neither Here Nor There
08-Oct-04: travel

Bill Bryson | Down Under
05-Oct-04: travel

Bill Bryson | A Short History of Nearly Everything
27-Sep-04: history

Bill Bryson | Notes from a Big Country
03-Jan-05: travel

Lily Burana | Strip City
10-Sep-04: biography, business, society

Melvin Burgess | Bloodsong
11-Jan-07: young adult

Gordon Burn | The North of England Home Service
29-Nov-04: fiction

John Burton Race | French Leave
19-Nov-04: food and drink

Jeremy Butterfield | Damp Squid
07-Jun-09: history, literature, reference, society

Georgia Byng | Molly Moon's Hypnotic Holiday
19-Jan-06: children's

Georgia Byng | Molly Moon Stops the World
16-Sep-04: children's

Tanya Byron | Little Angels
06-May-05: family and lifestyle

Tim Bouquet and Byron Ousey | Cold Steel
15-Apr-08: business

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