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Stephanie Calman | Dressing for Breakfast
28-Sep-05: humour, society

Claire Calman | I Like it Like That
30-Dec-04: fiction

Stephanie Calman | Gentlemen prefer my sister
27-Sep-05: humour

Deborah Cameron | The Myth of Mars and Venus
23-Jun-08: education, society

Gordon Campbell | King James Bible: 400th Anniversary Edition
09-Jun-10: history, literature

Gordon Campbell | Bible: The Story of the King James Version
18-Aug-10: history, literature, philosophy

Nina Campbell | Elements of Design
06-Dec-07: art, family and lifestyle

Anthony Capella | The Food of Love
22-Sep-04: romance

Antonio Carluccio | Antonio Carluccio's Simple Cooking
06-Jul-09: food and drink

Humphrey Carpenter | Spike Milligan
21-Nov-04: biography

Phil Carradice | The Bosun's Secret
27-Aug-05: children's

Phil Carradice | Hannah Goes to War
31-Aug-05: children's

Phil Carradice | Coming Home
03-Aug-05: history

Claudia Carroll | He Loves Me Not... He Loves Me
24-Oct-05: fiction, romance

Claudia Carroll | Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man?
04-Aug-06: fiction, romance

Paul Carson | Betrayal
17-Dec-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Liane Carter | The Chronicles of Joya
01-Dec-08: children's

Rita Carter | Consciousness
26-Dec-04: science

Paul Cartledge | Ancient Greece : A History in Eleven Cities
07-Jun-09: history

Justin Cartwright | White Lightning
01-Nov-04: fiction

Margaret Cezair-Thompson | The Pirate's Daughter
28-Feb-08: fiction

Elizabeth Chadwick | Shadows & Strongholds
21-May-05: fiction

Elizabeth Chadwick | The Greatest Knight
23-Aug-05: fiction

Dave Chaffey | E-Business and E-Commerce Management (Third Edition)
09-Mar-07: business, education, text book

Dave Chaffey | Internet Marketing ( 3rd Edition )
07-Mar-07: business, education, text book

Henry Chancellor | The Museum's Secret (The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn Bk1)
26-Apr-09: children's

Jung Chang | Mao
24-Mar-06: biography, history, politics, society

Jung Chang | Wild Swans
04-Nov-06: history, memoir

Nick Chatrath | Reaching Muslims: A One-stop Guide for Christians
09-Nov-10: body mind and spirit, philosophy, society

Sarah Chayes | The Punishment of Virtue
20-Mar-07: biography, history, philosophy, politics, society, travel

Tracy Chevalier | The Lady and the Unicorn
10-Sep-04: fiction

Lee Child | Persuader
13-Apr-05: thriller

Lee Child | The Enemy
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Lee Child | One Shot
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Lee Child | Without Fail
13-Apr-05: crime, thriller

Deepak Chopra | Kama Sutra
05-May-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, philosophy

Roy Chubby Brown | Common as Muck
31-Jul-06: biography, memoir

Lucy Clare | Breaking the Trust
09-Nov-04: fiction

Oz Clarke | New Wine Atlas
12-Jul-05: reference

Brian Clarke | The Stream
23-Nov-04: fiction

Lindsay Clarke | The Return from Troy
09-May-06: fiction

Oz Clarke | Pocket Wine Guides 2006
13-Jul-05: food and drink, reference

Susanna Clarke | Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
11-Oct-05: fiction

Oz Clarke | Pocket Wine Book 2005
02-Sep-04: food and drink

Frank Close | Antimatter
10-Nov-08: science

Frank Close | The Void
23-Mar-08: science

Harlan Coben | The Innocent
21-Apr-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Harlan Coben | No Second Chance
27-Sep-04: thriller

Harlan Coben | Just One Look
19-Apr-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Paulo Coelho | The Witch of Portobello
02-May-07: fiction

Paulo Coelho | The Zahir
08-Jun-05: fiction

Martina Cole | The Graft
03-Nov-04: fiction

Martina Cole | The Know
18-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Emerson Cole | GodSword
26-Jul-07: fiction, thriller

Rowan Coleman | The Accidental Mother
15-Mar-06: fiction

Eoin Colfer | The Supernaturalist
21-Sep-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | The Legend of Spud Murphy
28-Sep-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | Artemis Fowl:The Arctic Incident
21-Sep-04: children's

Eoin Colfer | Artemis Fowl
19-Oct-04: children's

Jenny Colgan | Looking for Andrew McCarthy
15-Nov-04: humour

Jenny Colgan | Operation Sunshine
24-Aug-07: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Working Wonders
15-Nov-04: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Amanda's Wedding
22-Nov-04: fiction

Jenny Colgan | Talking to Addison
17-Nov-04: fiction

Paul Collier | The Bottom Billion
23-Jun-08: business, history, politics, society

Vanessa Collingridge | Captain Cook
08-Dec-04: biography, history

Joan Collins | Joan's Way
29-Oct-04: health and fitness

Jodi Compton | The 37th Hour
28-Sep-04: crime

Michael Connelly | Lost Light
22-Sep-04: crime

Charlie Connelly | In Search of Elvis
09-Nov-06: humour, society, travel

Michael Connelly | The Poet
19-Sep-04: thriller

Michael Connelly | The Narrows
17-Sep-04: crime

Charlie Connelly | Attention All Shipping : A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast
31-Aug-04: travel

John Connolly | Bad Men
06-Jan-05: crime

Cressida Connolly | The Rare and the Beautiful
30-Aug-04: biography, romance

John Connolly | The Killing Kind
17-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

John Connolly | The Black Angel
07-May-05: crime, fiction, thriller

John Connolly | The White Road
08-Jan-05: crime

Peter Conrad | Orson Welles: The Stories of His Life
25-Sep-04: biography

Artemis Cooper | Words of Mercury
28-Sep-04: travel

Natasha Cooper | A Place of Safety
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Natasha Cooper | A Poisoned Mind
25-Feb-08: crime

Robin Cooper | The Return of the Timewaster Letters
06-Aug-05: humour

Natasha Cooper | Creeping Ivy
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Natasha Cooper | Gagged and Bound
26-Feb-08: crime, fiction

Roger Corder | The Wine Diet
25-Oct-06: food and drink, health and fitness

Zizou Corder | Lionboy
31-Aug-04: children's

Nicola Cornick | Unmasked
08-Sep-08: romance

Cressida Cowell | How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
21-Sep-06: children's

Sue Cowley | Getting the Buggers to Behave
18-Dec-05: education, society

Tracey Cox | Superflirt
11-Sep-04: health and fitness, reference, romance

Caroline Cox | How to be Adored
19-Jun-09: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, humour

Tracey Cox | Supersex
09-Sep-04: health and fitness, romance

Josephine Cox | The Journey
24-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Tracey Cox | Superdate
24-Sep-04: reference

Tracey Cox | Quickies
27-Mar-06: family and lifestyle

Michael Cox | The Meaning of Night
08-Mar-06: fiction

Josephine Cox | Live the Dream
11-Feb-05: fiction, romance

Diane Coyle | Sex, Drugs and Economics
03-Sep-05: business, politics, society

Jim Crace | Six
11-Oct-04: fiction

Amanda Craig | Love In Idleness
25-Oct-04: fiction

Stuart Crainer | Leadership the Sven Goran Eriksson Way
27-Sep-04: business

S.C. Crainer | Business, the Universe and Everything
07-Jan-05: business

Miles Craven | Get Real!
06-Jul-07: education, text book

Gillian Cross | Where I Belong
13-Sep-09: children's

Gillian Cross | Calling a Dead Man
28-Aug-06: children's

Neil Cross | Mr. In-Between
09-Nov-04: fiction

Gillian Cross | The Dark Ground
03-Jun-07: children's, young adult

Neil Cross | Always the Sun
21-Oct-04: fiction

Neil Cross | Holloway Falls
05-Nov-04: fiction

Gillian Cross | The Nightmare Game
20-Jun-06: children's

Gillian Cross | The Black Room
03-Jun-07: children's, young adult

Kevin Crossley-Holland | Arthur: King of the Middle March
28-Sep-04: children's

Kevin Crossley-Holland | Arthur: The Seeing Stone
27-Sep-04: children's

Kevin Crossley-Holland | At the Crossing Places
23-Sep-04: children's

David Crystal | Words Words Words
24-Mar-08: education, literature, reference

David Crystal | Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage
17-May-09: reference

David Crystal | The Future of Language
31-Jan-09: education, literature

David Crystal | Txtng: The Gr8 Db8
11-Jul-08: literature, reference, society

David Crystal | The Fight for English
27-Mar-08: history, literature, reference

David Crystal | Just A Phrase I'm Going Through
31-Jan-09: biography, education, literature

Bill Cullen | It's a Long Way From Penny Apples
19-Oct-04: biography

Rachel Cusk | In the Fold
17-Mar-06: fiction

Michael A. Cusumano | Staying Power
25-Aug-10: business

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