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Chris d'Lacey | The Fire Within
27-Sep-04: children's

Chris d'Lacey | Icefire
23-Sep-04: children's

Chris d'Lacey | Fire Star
19-Nov-06: children's

G.W. Dahlquist | The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters
22-Jan-07: fiction

Tom Dalzell | The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (US)
15-Oct-04: reference

Julia Darling | The Taxi Driver's Daughter
29-Nov-04: fiction

Terry Darlington | Narrow Dog to Carcassonne
24-Feb-06: travel

Saul David | The Indian Mutiny 1857
24-Dec-05: history

Ian Davidson | Voltaire in Exile
01-Jan-05: biography

Russell Davies | Secret Sins
26-Aug-05: history, society

Russell Davies | Hope and Heartbreak
05-Aug-05: history, politics, society

Norman Davies | Rising '44
30-Nov-04: history

Richard Dawkins | The Greatest Show on Earth
27-Aug-09: science

Richard Dawkins | The Selfish Gene
18-Dec-05: science

Richard Dawkins | The God Delusion
24-Mar-07: philosophy, science, society

Richard Dawkins | The Ancestor's Tale
02-Nov-04: science

Tamasin Day-Lewis | Supper for a Song
08-Jun-09: food and drink

Alain De Botton | Essays in Love
23-Nov-06: history, philosophy

Alain De Botton | The Consolations of Philosophy
12-Apr-06: history, philosophy

Alain De Botton | Status Anxiety
23-Nov-06: society

Alain De Botton | How Proust Can Change Your Life
23-Nov-06: biography, philosophy

Alain De Botton | The Art of Travel
04-Apr-06: philosophy, politics, society, travel

Alain De Botton | The Architecture of Happiness
21-Feb-06: philosophy, politics, society

Aubrey de Grey | Ending Aging
13-Nov-07: science, society

Peter De La Billiere | Supreme Courage
11-Oct-04: history

Jeffery Deaver | Stone Monkey
18-Oct-04: crime

Jeffery Deaver | The Vanished Man
17-Oct-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffery Deaver | Garden of Beasts
11-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffery Deaver | The Twelfth Card
04-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jeffery Deaver | Blue Nowhere
18-Oct-04: crime

Meaghan Delahunt | In the Blue House
07-Dec-04: fiction

Frank Delaney | Ireland; A Novel
03-Sep-04: fiction

Nigel Denby | The 7 Day GL Diet
25-Jan-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Susie Dent | Susie Dent's Words of the Year
24-Jun-08: education, reference

Kiran Desai | The Inheritance of Loss
02-Sep-06: fiction

Josie Dew | The Sun in My Eyes
22-Nov-04: travel

Josie Dew | A Ride in the Neon Sun
11-Nov-04: travel

Janine di Giovanni | Madness Visible
22-May-05: history, politics, society

Anita Diamant | The Red Tent
25-Oct-04: fiction

Anne Diamond | Girl Next Door
17-Mar-05: biography

Thomas Dixon | Science and Religion : A Very Short Introduction
03-Jun-08: education, history, philosophy

Julia Donaldson | The Gruffalo Song
18-Feb-05: children's

Lesley Downer | A Taste of Japan
23-Feb-08: food and drink

Lesley Downer | Madame Sadayakko
22-Feb-08: history

Lesley Downer | On the Narrow Road to the Deep North
23-Feb-08: travel

Lesley Downer | The Brothers
23-Feb-08: history

Jenny Downham | Before I Die
18-Apr-08: young adult

Mick Drake | All's Well at Wellwithoute
23-Feb-07: fiction, humour

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Route
12-Oct-06: travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Harvest
09-May-05: biography, memoir, travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Farm
12-May-05: biography, memoir, travel

Carol Drinkwater | The Olive Season
19-Jan-05: biography, memoir, travel

Stella Duffy | Immaculate Conceit
06-Nov-04: fiction

Stella Duffy | Mouths of Babes
14-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Stella Duffy | State of Happiness
21-Sep-04: fiction

Stella Duffy | Parallel Lies
25-Feb-05: fiction

Martin Dugard | Into Africa
23-Sep-04: history

Sarah Dunant | Transgressions
03-Oct-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Sarah Dunant | In the Company of a Courtesan
30-Sep-05: fiction

Polly Dunbar | Penguin
04-Apr-07: children's

Patricia Duncker | Seven Tales of Sex and Death
12-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Suzannah Dunn | The Queen's Sorrow
08-May-08: history

Matt Dunn | Best Man
25-Oct-04: fiction

Jill Dupleix | Lighten Up
26-Jul-07: food and drink

Jeremy Dyson | Never Trust a Rabbit
22-Nov-06: fiction, humour

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