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Neil Gaiman | Smoke and Mirrors
11-Jul-05: fiction, science fiction

Neil Gaiman | Creatures of the Night
07-Jul-05: fiction

Neil Gaiman | Mirrormask
11-Jul-05: children's, fiction, science fiction

Neil Gaiman | Neverwhere
08-Jul-05: fiction, science fiction

Neil Gaiman | Anansi Boys
11-Jun-05: fiction

Patrick Gale | A Sweet Obscurity
12-Oct-04: fiction

Patrick Gale | Notes from an Exhibition
17-Feb-08: fiction

Sally Gardner | Fairy Shopping
21-Dec-04: children's

Lesley Garner | Everything I've Ever Done That Worked
20-Feb-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, philosophy

Diarmuid Gavin | Outer Spaces
27-Sep-04: reference

Jamila Gavin | Coram Boy
04-Mar-08: children's

Mike Gayle | His n Hers
18-Feb-05: fiction

Maggie Gee | The White Family
16-May-05: fiction

Maggie Gee | The Blue
29-Oct-06: fiction

Adele Geras | Hester's Story
01-Feb-06: children's, fiction

Adele Geras | Facing the Light
22-Sep-04: fiction

Tess Gerritsen | Body Double
30-Jan-06: crime, fiction, thriller

David Gibbins | Atlantis
25-Jul-05: fiction

David Gibbins | Crusader Gold
30-Apr-08: fiction

David Gibbins | The Last Gospel
11-Apr-08: fiction

Annabel Giles | Crossing the Paradise Line
26-Jan-05: fiction

Peter Gill | Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid
05-Jun-10: history, politics, society, travel

Patrick Gillard | Oxford Spanish Dictionary
27-Nov-09: reference

Peter Gilliver | The Ring of Words
13-Nov-08: literature

Mark Gimenez | The Colour of Law
02-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

John Gimlette | At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig
26-Oct-04: travel

James Gleick | Isaac Newton
26-Oct-04: biography, science

Debi Gliori | Goodnight Baby Bat
28-Mar-07: children's

Debi Gliori | Deep Fear
26-May-06: children's, fiction

Debi Gliori | Deep Water
29-May-06: children's, fiction

Robert Goddard | Never Go Back
22-Nov-06: fiction, thriller

Robert Goddard | Sight Unseen
13-Dec-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Robert Goddard | Dying to Tell
15-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Keith Godfrey | Flying Without Fear
04-Dec-04: reference, science, society

Julia Golding | The Secret of the Sirens
25-May-06: children's, fiction

Daniel Goleman | The New Leaders
16-Oct-04: business

Chris Goodall | How to Live a Low-carbon Life
03-Mar-10: environment, family and lifestyle, society

Lyndall Gordon | Mary Wollstonecraft
18-Feb-05: biography, history, society

Janey Lee Grace | Imperfectly Natural Woman
08-Dec-05: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Andrew Graham-Dixon | Renaissance
09-Nov-04: history

Andrew Graham-Dixon | A History of British Art
09-Nov-04: art, history

Andrew Graham-Dixon | In the Picture: The Year Through Art
04-Nov-04: art, reference

Linda Grant | Still Here
24-Nov-04: fiction

Emily Gravett | Monkey and Me
19-Jan-07: children's

John Gray | Straw Dogs
16-Nov-04: philosophy

A.C. Grayling | What is Good?
03-Dec-04: philosophy, society

Jimmy Greaves | Greavsie
28-Sep-04: biography

Jimmy Greaves | The Heart of the Game
05-Aug-05: history, society, sport

Jeff Green | The A-Z of Having a Baby
19-Oct-06: family and lifestyle, humour

Jeff Green | The A-Z of Living Together
13-Dec-04: humour, society

Jonathan Green | Match Wits with the Kids
28-May-08: education

Rachel Greenwald | The Program
10-Sep-04: reference

Philippa Gregory | The Constant Princess
11-Mar-07: fiction, history

Philippa Gregory | The Other Boleyn Girl
29-Jan-05: fiction

Philippa Gregory | The Queen's Fool
31-Dec-04: fiction

John Gribbin | Flower Hunters
29-Nov-07: science

Nicholas Griffin | The Masquerade
04-Nov-04: fiction

Andrew Gross | Blue Zone
23-Mar-07: fiction, thriller

Philip Gross | Going for Stone
03-Dec-04: children's, horror

Bernard Grosz | Teach Yourself Your Evening Class : French
04-Sep-08: education

John Guillebaud | The Pill : The Facts
13-Sep-08: education, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Xiaolu Guo | A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
06-May-07: fiction

Abdulrazak Gurnah | By the Sea
29-Nov-04: fiction

Allan Guthrie | Hard Man
19-Mar-07: crime, fiction

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