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Ashley Kahn | Kind of Blue
18-May-05: history, music

Ashley Kahn | A Love Supreme
24-May-05: biography, history, music

Annabel Karmel | Top 100 Baby Purees
10-Apr-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Annabel Karmel | The New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner
19-Apr-05: food and drink, reference

Annabel Karmel | Favourite Family Recipes
02-Apr-05: food and drink

Annabel Karmel | The Complete First Year Planner
10-Apr-05: health and fitness

Annabel Karmel | Lunchboxes
19-Apr-05: food and drink

Marshall Karp | The Rabbit Factory
10-Apr-07: thriller

John Katz | The Goldwatcher
23-Nov-08: business

Alan Kaufman | Matches
07-Mar-06: fiction

Alan Kaufman | Jew Boy
23-Nov-06: biography, memoir

Narinder Kaur | Big Brother The Inside Story
10-Apr-07: biography, society

Alex Kava | The Soul Catcher
06-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

John Kay | The Truth About Markets
08-Sep-04: business

Brian Keaney | The Hollow People
09-Nov-07: children's

Brian Keaney | Jacob's Ladder
09-Oct-06: children's, fiction

John Keay | Sowing the Wind
24-Sep-04: history

Daniel Kehlmann | Measuring the World
16-Apr-07: fiction, science

Cathy Kelly | What She Wants
23-Sep-04: romance

Cathy Kelly | Best of Friends
26-Mar-05: fiction, romance

Cathy Kelly | Always and Forever
16-Mar-05: fiction, romance

Christine Kelly | Mrs Duberly's War
24-Mar-08: biography, history

Simon Kernick | The Murder Exchange
08-Sep-04: crime

Simon Kernick | The Business of Dying
28-Sep-04: crime

Simon Kernick | The Crime Trade
21-Sep-04: crime

Kate Kerrigan | Recipes for a Pefect Marriage
18-Oct-05: fiction, romance

Marian Keyes | Watermelon
26-Oct-04: fiction

Marian Keyes | The Other Side of the Story
15-Feb-05: fiction

Marian Keyes | Rachel's Holiday
29-Nov-04: humour

Marian Keyes | Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
08-Nov-04: fiction

Marian Keyes | Last Chance Saloon
17-Oct-04: fiction

Raymond Khoury | The Last Templar
26-Mar-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Jemma Kidd | Jemma Kidd Make-Up Masterclass
09-Jul-09: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Sophie King | The School Run
23-Sep-05: fiction

Ross King | Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
25-Nov-04: history

Sophie King | The Wedding Party
23-Jan-09: fiction

Stephen King | Lisey's Story
10-Nov-06: fiction

Sophie King | The Supper Club
23-Jan-09: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic and Sister
02-Sep-04: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic Ties the Knot
21-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
18-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | The Undomestic Goddess
01-Jun-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic Abroad
22-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Shopaholic and Sister
20-Aug-05: fiction

Sophie Kinsella | Can you keep a secret?
17-Aug-05: fiction, romance

Sheila Kitzinger | Rediscovering Birth
04-Feb-05: health and fitness, society

Sheila Kitzinger | Birth Your Way
03-Feb-05: health and fitness, science, society

Elizabeth Knowles | Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
15-Sep-09: reference

James Knox | Robert Byron
24-Sep-04: biography

Marek Kohn | As We Know It
30-Apr-08: history, science

Marek Kohn | Trust
11-Apr-08: family and lifestyle, philosophy

Marek Kohn | A Reason For Everything
06-May-08: biography, history, science

Marek Kohn | Dope Girls
19-Apr-08: history

Dorothy Koomson | Marshmallows for Breakfast
22-May-07: fiction, romance

Elizabeth Kostova | The Historian
07-Mar-05: fiction

Paul Krugman | The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes
16-Jun-07: business, education, text book

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