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Lynda La Plante | The Red Dahlia
09-Sep-06: crime, fiction

Robert Lacey | Great Tales From English History v. 2
26-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Great Tales from English History: Cheddar Man to the Peasants' Revolt
17-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Year 1000: An Englishman's Year
25-Oct-04: history

Robert Lacey | Great Tales from English History 3
03-Jul-06: history

Keith Laidler | The Last Empress
03-Jan-06: history

Christina Lamb | The Sewing Circles of Herat
30-Nov-04: memoir, society, travel

Anne Landsman | The Devil's Chimney
25-Feb-08: fiction

Anne Landsman | The Rowing Lesson
25-Feb-08: fiction

Nick Lane | Oxygen
27-Jan-05: science

Kay Langdale | If Not Love
05-Mar-08: fiction

Lori Lansens | The Girls
27-Mar-07: fiction

Carolyne Larrington | King Arthur's Enchantresses
24-Apr-08: history, literature

Stephen Law | The Philosophy Files
28-Sep-04: philosophy

Michael Lawrence | The Underwood See
08-Dec-06: children's, fiction

Mary Lawson | The Other Side of the Bridge
06-Sep-06: fiction, literature

John Le Carre | Absolute Friends
31-Aug-04: crime, thriller

Michael Leapman | The World for a Shilling
09-Nov-04: history

Michael Leapman | Inigo
09-Nov-04: biography

Stephen Leather | Soft Target
22-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Hermione Lee | Biography : A Very Short Introduction
11-Jun-09: biography, education, literature

Jeremy Leggett | Half Gone
18-Apr-06: business, politics, society

Prue Leith | Leiths Cookery Bible
16-Mar-08: food and drink

William Leith | The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict
13-Oct-05: biography, food and drink, health and fitness

Joan Lennon | The Ely Plot
18-Mar-07: children's, fantasy, fiction

Donna Leon | A Sea of Troubles
09-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Doctored Evidence
06-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death in a Strange Country
20-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death at La Fenice
12-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | A Noble Radiance
07-Apr-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Acqua Alta
27-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Death and Judgment
15-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Donna Leon | Uniform Justice
15-Oct-04: crime

Donna Leon | Blood from a Stone
09-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Andrew Lester | Growth Management : Two Hats Are Better Than One
05-Mar-09: business

Kathy Lette | Dead Sexy
03-Oct-04: fiction

Kathy Lette | Nip 'n' Tuck
19-May-05: fiction

Gemma Levine | Mayfair
24-Jun-08: art

Persephone Lewin | Bite to Byte: The Story of Injury Analysis
12-Nov-05: biography, crime, humour

Jeremy Lewis | Tobias Smollett
15-Nov-04: biography

Susan Lewis | Silent Truths
08-Jan-05: crime, fiction, romance

Marina Lewycka | A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
04-Mar-06: fiction

Rod Liddle | Too Beautiful For You
23-Nov-04: fiction

Rebecca Lisle | Amethyst
22-May-06: children's, fiction

Robert Littell | The Company
17-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Tessa Livingstone | Child of Our Time
17-Feb-05: health and fitness, science, society

Lesley Lokko | Sundowners
18-Nov-04: fiction

Lesley Lokko | Saffron Skies
20-Nov-05: fiction

Kate Long | The Bad Mother's Handbook
04-Jan-06: fiction

Kate Long | Swallowing Grandma
16-Aug-05: fiction

Peter Longerich | Holocaust
22-Oct-09: history

Isabel Losada | For Tibet With Love
30-Aug-04: travel

Mary S Lovell | Bess of Hardwick
13-Sep-05: biography, history

David Lucas | The Lying Carpet
04-Aug-08: children's

Andrew Lycett | Dylan Thomas: A New Life
07-Oct-04: biography

Mark Lynas | Six Degrees
17-Mar-08: science

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