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Ruth Padel | Tigers In Red Weather
22-Apr-05: poetry, travel

Philip Palmer | Debatable Space
08-Mar-08: science fiction

Mike Palmer | Eddystone: Finger of Light
04-May-05: history

Guy Parker-Rees | All Afloat on Noah's Boat
23-Sep-06: children's

John C. Parkin | Fuck It. The Ultimate Spiritual Way
23-Mar-08: body mind and spirit

Michael Parkinson | Michael Parkinson on Cricket
22-Mar-05: sport

Adele Parks | Larger than Life
12-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Other Woman's Shoes
06-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Husbands
03-Jul-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Playing Away
08-Sep-05: fiction, romance

Adele Parks | Still Thinking of You
05-Sep-05: fiction

Adele Parks | Game Over
26-Jul-05: fiction

Anthony John Patrick Kenny | Philosophy in the Modern World: A New History of Western Philosophy
07-Jul-08: philosophy

James Patterson | The Jester
28-Aug-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Mary Mary
02-May-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Cross
28-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Four Blind Mice
13-Oct-04: crime, thriller

James Patterson | Judge and Jury
24-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Maximum Ride
02-May-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Lifeguard
29-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | Beach Road
25-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Patterson | 4th of July
25-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Michelle Paver | Wolf Brother
09-Feb-05: children's, fiction

Michelle Paver | A Place In The Hills
30-May-05: fiction

Sara Payne | A Mother's Story
04-Apr-05: biography

Christopher Peachment | The Green and the Gold
24-Sep-04: fiction

Lesley Pearse | Secrets
28-Mar-05: romance

Lesley Pearse | Remember Me
16-Oct-04: romance

Harry Pearson | Around the World by Mouse
13-Aug-05: travel

Alison Pearson | I Don't Know How She Does It
23-Oct-04: fiction

Mal Peet | The Penalty
26-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Mal Peet | Tamar
26-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Dave Pelzer | A Man Named Dave
16-Sep-04: biography

Dave Pelzer | A Child called It
31-Aug-04: memoir

Dave Pelzer | Privilege of Youth
19-Oct-04: biography

Dave Pelzer | Life Lessons
28-Sep-04: society

Dave Pelzer | Help Yourself
21-Sep-04: philosophy

Dave Pelzer | The Lost Boy
17-Sep-04: biography

Richard B. Pelzer | A Brother's Journey
15-Feb-05: biography, society

Marisha Pessl | Special Topics in Calamity Physics
06-Sep-06: fiction

Ben Pester | Through the Land of Fire
02-May-05: biography, history, travel

Holly Peterson | The Manny
01-Mar-07: fiction, romance

Barbara Casu, Claudia Girardone and Philip Molyneux | Introduction to Banking
29-Apr-07: business, education, text book

Gervase Phinn | Head Over Heels in the Dales
21-Oct-04: biography

Jodi Picoult | Vanishing Acts
24-Apr-05: fiction

Jodi Picoult | My Sister's Keeper
23-Apr-05: fiction

David Pirie | A New Heritage of Horror
09-Mar-08: history, horror

Marcia Pirie | Travellers on a Trade Wind
29-Apr-05: biography, travel

Ben Polis | Only a Mother Could Love Him
25-Feb-06: biography, family and lifestyle, science

Steven Poole | Unspeak
19-Feb-06: philosophy, politics, society

Benjamin Prado | Not Only Fire
15-Nov-04: fiction

Terry Pratchett | A Hat Full of Sky
31-Aug-04: children's, humour

Terry Pratchett | Wintersmith
15-Mar-07: children's, fantasy, young adult

Terry Pratchett | The Wee Free Men
31-Aug-04: children's, humour

Peter Prince | Adam Runaway
30-Oct-05: fiction

Sally Prue | The Devil''s Toenail
16-May-05: children's

Philip Pullman | John Milton's Paradise Lost
11-May-05: literature, poetry

Philip Pullman | Lyra's Oxford
06-Oct-04: children's

Philip Pullman | Once Upon a Time in the North
25-Mar-08: children's

Andrew Pyper | The Trade Mission
19-May-05: crime, fiction

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