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Jonathan Rabb | Rosa
31-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Tariq Ramadan | What I Believe
26-Jun-09: philosophy

Tariq Ramadan | Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation
05-Jun-09: philosophy, politics

Ian Rankin | The Naming of the Dead
20-Mar-07: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | The Flood
18-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | A Question of Blood
06-Oct-04: crime

Ian Rankin | Fleshmarket Close
29-Sep-04: crime

Ian Rankin | Resurrection Men
18-May-05: crime, fiction

Ian Rankin | Rebus's Scotland
17-Sep-05: fiction, history, literature

Ian Rankin | Watchman
01-Oct-04: crime

Eric Rasmussen | RSC Shakespeare
12-Aug-09: Drama, education, literature

Catherine Rayner | Harris Finds His Feet
26-Jun-09: children's

Piers Paul Read | Alec Guinness
12-Nov-04: biography

Glyn Redworth | The She-Apostle
18-Aug-08: history

Celia Rees | Pirates
24-Sep-04: children's

Laurence Rees | Auschwitz
17-Jun-06: history

Matt Rees | The Bethlehem Murders
04-Mar-08: fiction

Laurence Rees | The Nazis
20-Jun-06: history, politics

Matt Rees | The Saladin Murders
12-Apr-08: fiction

Kathy Reichs | Fatal Voyage
15-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Cross Bones
02-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Bare Bones
16-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Kathy Reichs | Monday Mourning
03-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Matthew Reilly | Seven Ancient Wonders
11-Mar-06: fiction, thriller

Tina Reilly | Something Borrowed
16-Sep-04: humour

Griff Rhys Jones | To the Baltic with Bob
06-Oct-04: humour, travel

Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard Whittington | Exploring Corporate Strategy 8th Edition
24-Jun-07: business, education, text book

Julian Richards | Stonehenge: A History in Photographs
29-Sep-04: history

Angela Rippon | Fabulous at 50 and Beyond
28-Sep-04: health and fitness

Ivar Rivenaes | Those Who Leave
03-Mar-05: fiction

Matt Roberts | Fitness for Life
20-Sep-04: health and fitness

Gregory David Roberts | Shantaram
31-Aug-04: fiction

Matt Roberts | The PHA Workout
05-Jan-05: health and fitness

Douglas Robertson | The Last Voyage of the Lucette
30-Apr-05: biography, sport, travel

Peter Robinson | The Summer That Never Was
19-Mar-05: crime, fiction

Andrew Robinson | Sudden Genius?
28-Sep-10: biography, history, science

Peter Robinson | Aftermath
16-Dec-04: crime, fiction, thriller

Jancis Robinson | The World Atlas of Wine
06-Sep-07: food and drink

Michael Robotham | Lost
14-May-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Michael Robotham | The Suspect
04-Feb-05: fiction, thriller

Jane Rogers | The Voyage Home
20-Sep-04: fiction

Meg Rosoff | Meet Wild Boars
23-Jul-05: children's, humour

Meg Rosoff | How I Live Now
19-Jul-05: children's

Meg Rosoff | Just In Case
23-May-06: children's, fiction

Jonathan Rourke | Shriver and Atkins' Inorganic Chemistry
15-Nov-09: reference, science, text book

Bernice Rubens | Nine Lives
18-Sep-04: crime

Brent Runyan | The Burn Journals
01-Jul-05: biography

Edward Rutherfurd | Dublin
12-Sep-04: fiction

Robert Ryan | The Last Sunrise
27-Jul-06: fiction, thriller

Chris Ryan | Blackout
21-Sep-05: fiction

Robert Ryan | Dying Day
16-Apr-08: fiction

Chris Ryan | Wildfire
09-Nov-06: children's, fiction

Robert Ryan | After Midnight
27-Oct-05: fiction

Robert Ryan | Night Crossing
31-Aug-04: crime, fiction, history

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