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Karl Sabbagh | Remembering Childhood
02-Feb-09: education, family and lifestyle, science, society

S F Said | The Outlaw Varjak Paw
30-Jun-06: children's, fiction

Dominic Sandbrook | Never Had It So Good
18-Apr-05: history, philosophy, politics, society

Dominic Sandbrook | Eugene McCarthy
20-Apr-05: biography, history

Jonathan Santlofer | Color Blind
22-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jonathan Santlofer | The Killing Art
22-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Jonathan Santlofer | The Death Artist
17-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Laura Santtini | Easy Tasty Italian
08-Jul-09: food and drink

Mark Saunders | Research Methods for Business Students (4th Edition)
27-Feb-07: business, education, text book

Steven Saylor | Roma
17-Mar-07: fiction, history

Gerald Scarfe | Drawing Blood
11-Sep-05: art, humour, politics, society

Simon Scarrow | The Generals
07-Jun-07: fiction, history

Simon Schama | Simon Schama's Power of Art
30-Aug-06: art

Eric Schlosser | Fast Food Nation
14-Sep-04: food and drink, history, politics

Eric Schlosser | Reefer Madness
19-Oct-04: society

Ben Schott | Schott's Original Miscellany
23-Nov-04: reference

Lisa Scottoline | Dirty Blonde
27-Sep-06: crime, thriller

Anne Sebba | American Jennie
19-Oct-07: biography

David Sedaris | Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
31-Aug-04: humour

Asne Seierstad | A Hundred and One Days
15-Dec-04: history, memoir, society

Asne Seierstad | The Bookseller of Kabul
11-Oct-04: biography, history

Asne Seierstad | Angel of Grozny
03-Mar-08: memoir, politics, travel

Vikram Seth | Two Lives
28-Jun-05: history, memoir

Christopher Severn | Smeaton's Tower
01-May-05: history

Miranda Seymour | The Bugatti Queen
10-Sep-04: biography

Gerald Seymour | The Untouchable
24-Jun-05: crime, fiction

Gerald Seymour | The Unknown Soldier
04-Sep-04: thriller

Gerald Seymour | Traitor's Kiss
21-Sep-04: thriller

Darren Shan | Cirque Du Freak
15-Nov-05: children's, horror

Darren Shan | Allies of the Night
03-Jan-05: children's, horror

Darren Shan | The Lake of Souls
11-Sep-04: children's, horror

Zoe Sharp | Second Shot
28-Apr-08: thriller

Rebecca Shaw | Country Passions
21-Mar-05: fiction

Rebecca Shaw | Whispers in the Village
01-Mar-05: fiction

Peter Sheridan | 47 Roses
25-Nov-04: memoir

Ned Sherrin | The Autobiography
19-Sep-05: biography

Anita Shreve | Light on Snow
19-Nov-04: fiction

Lionel Shriver | We Need to Talk about Kevin
27-Jan-06: biography, fiction, society

GJH Sibson | Single White Failure
10-Feb-07: fiction

James Siegel | Detour
31-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

James Siegel | Deceit
01-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

James Siegel | Derailed
02-Oct-04: thriller

William Sieghart | The Swing Factory
21-Sep-04: sport

Shelley Silas | 12 Days
26-Dec-04: fiction

Adam Silverstein | Islamic History : A Very Short Introduction
11-Nov-09: history, philosophy, politics

Francesca Simon | Horrid Henry's Underpants
05-Nov-04: children's

Francesca Simon | Helping Hercules
20-Oct-04: children's

Francesca Simon | Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb
10-Dec-04: children's, humour

David Simpson | Kew Bulletin
24-Sep-09: science

Craig Simpson | Special Operations: Dogfight
14-Jun-08: young adult

John Simpson | News from No Man's Land
29-Oct-04: biography

Nicky Singer | Gem X
22-Sep-06: fiction

Robert Skidelsky | John Maynard Keynes
15-Oct-04: biography

Nigel Slack | Operations Management
13-Nov-06: business, education, text book

Karin Slaughter | Blindsighted
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | Indelible
08-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | A Faint Cold Fear
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Carolyn Slaughter | A Black Englishman
22-Jan-06: fiction

Karin Slaughter | Kisscut
12-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Karin Slaughter | Faithless
08-Aug-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Annie Sloan | Creating the French Look
22-Apr-08: home and garden

Gillian Slovo | Ice Road
13-Sep-04: fiction

Carol Smith | Hidden Agenda
04-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Wilbur Smith | Blue Horizon
03-Sep-04: fiction

M.M. Smith | Servants
14-May-08: children's

Carol Smith | Kensington Court
03-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Stephen Smith | Underground London
10-Sep-04: history, society, travel

Carol Smith | Home from Home
03-Sep-05: crime, fiction

Wilbur Smith | Triumph of the Sun
03-Apr-05: fiction

Carol Smith | Vanishing Point
18-Aug-05: fiction

Denis Smyth | Deathly Deception: The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat
22-Jun-10: history

Alan Sokal | Beyond the Hoax
07-Apr-08: politics, science

Alan Sokal | Intellectual Impostures
18-Apr-08: science

Penny Sparke | The Genius of Design
28-Jun-09: art, history, home and garden

Nicholas Sparks | True Believer
31-May-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Guardian
11-Nov-04: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | Nights in Rodanthe
05-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Rescue
03-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Wedding
31-May-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | At First Sight
04-Nov-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | Three Weeks with My Brother
27-May-05: biography, memoir

Nicholas Sparks | A Walk to Remember
06-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | Message in a Bottle
05-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | The Notebook
04-Jun-05: fiction

Nicholas Sparks | A Bend in the Road
02-Jun-05: fiction

Nigel Spivey | The Ancient Olympics
12-Sep-04: history

Lisa St Aubin de Teran | Memory Maps
08-Nov-04: biography

Lisa St Aubin de Teran | Otto
05-Feb-05: fiction

Will Staeger | Painkiller
06-Jun-05: crime, fiction, thriller

David Stafford | Ten Days to D-Day
25-Oct-04: history

Peter Stanford | Heaven: A Traveller's Guide to the Undiscovered Country
29-Nov-04: philosophy, society

Boris Starling | Vodka
19-Oct-04: thriller

Jonathan Steele | Defeat
03-Jun-08: history, politics

Dugald Steer | The Dragon's Eye
16-Dec-06: children's

Rick Stein | Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
15-Jul-09: food and drink, travel

Jonathan Steinberg | Bismarck: A Life
29-Aug-10: history

Talitha Stevenson | Exposure
26-Feb-05: fiction

Lisa Stickley | Made at Home
03-Aug-10: art, family and lifestyle, home and garden, lifestyle

Francine Stock | Man Made Fibre
22-Oct-04: fiction

Julian Stockwin | Tenacious
22-May-06: fiction, thriller

Gerry Stoker | Why Politics Matters
21-Jun-06: education, politics, society

Frances Stonor Saunders | Hawkwood: Diabolical Englishman
03-Nov-04: biography

Miriam Stoppard | Family Health Guide
08-Oct-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | First Time Parents
06-Oct-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Defying Age
29-Sep-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Baby's First Skills
04-Jan-05: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Baby and Child Healthcare
07-Oct-04: health and fitness

Miriam Stoppard | Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
19-Oct-04: reference

Dorrik Stow | Vanished Ocean
23-Nov-09: environment, history, science

Bernadette Strachan | The Reluctant Landlady
11-Jan-06: fiction

Paul Strathern | The Medici
18-Oct-04: history

John Strelecky | The Why Cafe
02-Jul-06: family and lifestyle, philosophy, society

John Strelecky | The Why Are You Here Cafe
28-Jun-06: family and lifestyle, philosophy, society

Jonathan Stroud | Ptolemy's Gate
22-Jul-06: children's, fiction

James Surowiecki | The Wisdom of Crowds
31-Aug-04: philosophy, politics

Matthew Sweet | Inventing the Victorians
29-Nov-04: history

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